Tokyo Game Show 2007:VF5 How Sega made online fighting a reality.

With its release drawing close, Virtua Fighter 5 for Xbox 360 designer Tohru Murayama and producer Noriyuki Shimoda sat down with at Tokyo Game Show to talk about what it took to finally be able to bring the series online. Reinforcing just how much went into it, Murayama told 1up the most satisfying part of the whole process of bringing the game over from the PlayStation 3 came down to being able to get the quality of online play up to a satisfactory level. Despite some serious lag issues, the first time they fought a round online marked the high point for the development team.

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timmyrulz3901d ago

About the lag thats been mentioned in this story, just remember that at least it is online now

nanometric3901d ago

And the point of this online? If I would want to play with someone, I could just invite a friend! It's not like you can play it 16:16, it's only 2 players!!!

AcidRhain3901d ago

improved AI and online play?... sweet.

Gamefan793901d ago

They Should have delayed the ps3 release though. I think vf5 is a great game, but online play for fighting games is now a must.look at the upcoming releases,Super SF2 HD Remix,Tekken 6,Soul caliber 4,Samurai Showdown 2(xbox live arcade)all have online.Online keeps the game from getting stale.