IGN Presents The History of Halo

"Halo Killer" has become part of the gaming industry lexicon, a pipe dream floated by every wannabe developer hoping to make their bones by taking top honors away from the most successful first person shooter of all time. It'll be a tough climb. As a series, Halo has sold more units faster than any other game in history. Over five billion matches have been played online. Dozens of awards. Hundreds of accolades. Halo was itself a game-changer, simultaneously putting a new and untested console on the map while announcing the end of PC-shooter dominance with authority.

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Mattey3712d ago

people think its about aliens vs. humans and there so wrong

Daxx3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Humans and Elites vs Brute side of the Covenant vs Flood vs Forerunners vs a lot of other stuff. :D

The plot just keeps on getting bigger and better. ^_^

SonySoldiers3712d ago

We believe...

it's overrated.

nobizlikesnowbiz3712d ago

Nice read.

GTFO turd above.

Still waiting for some reviews...

When are they gonna release some full reviews? The game is released in like 4 days wtf?

IRONMAN_57x3712d ago

So your telling me its better than GOLDENEYE?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, i know its future but when youve played goldeneye online, you understand why it pwnz halo, HAHAHAHAHAHA ooohhhhh jesus stop

Bnet3433712d ago

Goldeneye was good 7 years ago, everyone knows Goldeneye can't withstand the test of time, and goldenye source is different if thats what your talking about

johnnywit3712d ago

Wasn't Marathon made before golden eye? I am just asking because if this is true Bungie really did something new and unique with FPS and then evolved into what is now halo. I don't know, but from what I have heard Marathon is a lot like Halo.

BloodySinner3712d ago

IRONMAN_57x, you're just a tool. Nothing else.

Bnet3433712d ago

like killzone did and like haze did, but we all know those two wont outsell halo

Xi3712d ago

and ff7 came out before halo. Not once was ff7 called a halo killer.

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