COD4: MW PC to Support 64 Players Online

It looks like the the IW crew has been playing 64 player matches around the office for PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This means COD4: MW for the PC may, and probably will, support up to 64 players online! The player cap on the PC was previously thought to be only 32 players. This means PC players will have the capability of playing in 32v32 player matches, along with support for Punkbuster, online. Infinity Ward better have a dedicated server application or else this could turn messy.

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reaperxciv3900d ago

great news for pc gamers!

TeaDouble_E3900d ago

How many player's will ther be online for the console ?

Bolts3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Call of Duty 2 on the PC can do 64 players. I play on a 64 players server all the time and PC games have been doing 64 players games since Quake 2, Tribes, Counterstrike, BF2. You name it.

Since Xbox Live doesn't support dedicated servers the console version can only do 16 players. Maybe the PS3 version can do 32 players with dedicated servers.

This reason and mods is why I will be buying CoD 4 for my PC, the console version is just too inferior.

P4KY B3900d ago

There must be some massive maps we haven't seen yet.

64 player is great for a feeling of being in a real war. i.e panic

but 16 player is better for holding a grudge.

PC owners will get the best of both.
Just a shame i will need to upgrade my PC to play this.

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