Infinite Undiscovery Official Movie 1

A new video showcasing Square/Tri-Ace's new Xbox 360 RPG that is currently in production.

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Dr Pepper3897d ago


Pretty cool vid, the environments looked pretty good to (especially the desert). The gameplay also looked pretty fast and intense.

Does anyone know the release date (if they have one)? I haven't really heard to much about this game, can anyone fill me in on any known gameplay or story details that they've released?

Honeal2g3896d ago

you should have read up or even watched the video before speaking outta your azz...

No.1- its an action rpg anad everything is in pauseing, even when u pull up menus everything is changin in realtime. thats all i kno so far.

Dr Pepper3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

@ Honeal2g

Cool thanks for the info, positive feedback for you. That's awesome that it's an action RPG and it's in realtime.

heavyarms3896d ago

Nice!!!! only on xbox360 Kudos to square enix.