Minecraft: The Dark Descent Will Give You Amnesia

RipTen: In today’s installment of, “Hey, look what somebody did with Minecraft!” We have a coupe of videos of the first level of Amnesia: The Dark Descent – remade Minecraft style

***Second video and lots of info on RipTen***

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Drjft2790d ago

What hasn't been made in Minecraft!

jaredhart2790d ago

Still a few things Im sure. Can't think of any though.

-Mezzo-2790d ago

Some of them are being made right now, i'm sure.

Xfanboy2790d ago

they haven't made Minecraft!. but that would make no sense since it is Minecrfat alresdy..

Hitman07692790d ago

Minecraft oh how I admire thee...

ThatEnglishDude2790d ago

Thanks for making this video more aware. I posted the same video (and it was also approved)

But hey, the more views this gets the better. I happen to know the creator of this map personally. He's thrilled with the amount of attention it's received!

CrzyFooL2790d ago

there's two of em. I think the second one is better. The real game is scary as helllllll

ThatEnglishDude2790d ago

I know the author of the first video (GamerDuality)

SpLinT2790d ago

why on earth would anyone play that crap? buy a ps3 or xbox. or even a wii..

Invadersims2790d ago

There's just something about simplicity in design that makes this game fantastic.