Sega Rally - Broken Gameplay?

MyGEN discover that you can successfully complete an entire race in the Sega Rally demo without ever touching the steering wheel. Includes a video of this in effect.

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Foliage3409d ago

That's almost as bad as when the details surfaced on the lack of any punishment for dying in Bioshock. It is pretty similar really. Any driver/shooter will make it through the race eventually with little effort.

rbanke3409d ago

yea it was pretty bad. No brakes, steering, etc needed to play.

WIIIS13409d ago

I wouldn't call this broken gameplay seeing how you still can drive the car the proper way and get far better timings. Broken gameplay is like Lair where the proper way to play fails.

Close_Second3409d ago

It looks, feels and plays of a game 5 years old. Invisible barriers are a joke and have no place in a modern racing game even if its an arcade racer.

I would not even buy this if it were released as a budget game for $9.95.

JOLLY13409d ago

Now you can wall ride like in gt?

WIIIS13409d ago

But Sega Rally at least has terrain deformation.

BloodySinner3409d ago

Yes, but it doesn't make a difference. I'm very serious (I played the demo).

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The story is too old to be commented.