Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition Coming?

According to a listing from Gamestop, it looks like a Game of the Year edition of Red Dead Redemption is inbound.

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jbl3162788d ago

The listing looks legit to me.

Pretty neat if you have not played the game already...

norman292787d ago

Noone cares it was shit boring

AntoineDcoolette2787d ago

This is exactly why I held off buying it. So many companies doing these 'goty' and ultimate' editions of their products with all dlc on the disc.

admiralvic2788d ago

Maybe this is the push I was looking for to buy it.

HarryMonogenis2787d ago

I actually missed out on quite a few titles I wanted to buy in 2010 -- thanks a lot, school -- and Red Dead Redemption was actually one of them.

If this is true (I really do hope so) then I'm defiantly getting it.

MightyMark4272788d ago

Its a good news for people who haven't played RDR but for me, i played both the regular and Undead NIghtmare and they're all worth it!

Corrwin2787d ago

Are we surprised?

Presonally I was waiting for them to release RDR and all DLC, just like they did with GTAIV.

dorron2787d ago

Yeah, me too. Will it include Undead Nightmare too?

Corrwin2787d ago

I should hope so - the GTAIV bundle included both GTA Episodes.

Sneak-Out2787d ago has the Game as "New Edition" for 46EUR including the Gold Weapons, The War Horse and the Deadly-Assassin-Outfit.

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The story is too old to be commented.