Rumor Smash: No New Xbox HD DVD Drive in 2008

Microsoft tells Gizmodo that the information pointing to a new HD DVD drive in 2008 is a misquote and there is no plan to release a new HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360, despite reports to the contrary. Makes sense to Gizmodo the current drive is fine, spec wise.

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Rhezin3836d ago

Good I just bought one of those f!cking things anyway.

nasim3835d ago

what a way to rip mindless BOTS

the HD DVD adon plays just movies and no games...

BOTS would be playing LOST ODYSSEY that would come equipped with 4 DVD DISCS ---what a shame??

bung tickler3836d ago

i had a feeling new hardware was bunk. i think they probably ment a new color to make the elite owners happy (me included, although i already own a hd drive for my pro in my room i wouldnt mind a black one for my elite in the living room)

drewdrakes3835d ago

You could do like the rolling stones and paint it black...

MrSwede3835d ago

Seriously, that´s what I would do! When I owned a 360 I painted my faceplate. Just mask it properly.

Covenant3836d ago

OK, so no new drive with new features.

But at least release it in black, for those of us with Elites.

PimpHandHappy3835d ago

how many 360 owners have more then one?


bung tickler3835d ago

there are really three in my house, i rent a room to my best friend and he has one too that he play on his 50" tv, i got one on a 42" and one on a 50"

Makroyale3835d ago

Since the 360 isn't getting an updated drive either...

WilliamRLBaker3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

""Makes sense to Gizmodo the current drive is fine, spec wise.""

Spec wise because unlike blu ray hd dvd was finalized and all players followed the spec, The hd dvd addon can do all things that all hd dvd drives can do, There are no future upgrades to the format unless they finalize a new spec.

The hd dvd addon drive needs to upgrade, and even then if a new software spec is released the hd dvd drive can download updates and most hd dvd players can as well, unlike alot of blu ray players which you'd have to get an upgrade disc or use some other method to upgrade it.

*above is fact*

kreetah3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Also is the fact the no updates are possible to provide you with DTS HD MA audio decoding since the new 360 has the older 1.2 HDMI interface hardware and DTS HD MA decodes require the newer HDMI 1.3 interface.

^^ More facts for you ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.