9.0 : Echochrome II Review

So you’ve bought that shiny new PlayStation Move controller, you’ve got it home, connected it to your PlayStation 3 and sat down to play some games. The next thing you’ll notice is that the disc that comes with the starter pack is only a demo disc. You really wanted a full game to play from beginning to end with this brand new control method. I’ve got the solution to that, an inexpensive PlayStation Network game designed solely around the PlayStation Move. echochrome ii.

A puzzle game from the minds of Sony’s Japan Studio (the guys that behind Ape Escape and LocoRoco) and revolving around the use of the Move Controller to cast shadows onto the walls of a box in order to lead your character to a predetermined exit. Many different obstacles will obscure the intended path, but that’s the main fun of the game. Not only do you have to attempt to figure out how to get to the exit, in most of the levels your first task will be to figure out exactly where the exit is!

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