Resistance 3 Beta Spotted

Bitbag fan Andrew K. saw this on his friends list and thought he’d send it in for us to gawk at. So Resistance 3 is out there being played.

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VegaShinra2877d ago

Would be cool but its probly 1 of those haxorz just making up a status.....

gaffyh2877d ago

It is another hack. This is so stupid.

Pixelated_Army2877d ago

It's a hack to get their 2min of fame.

It's over now.

EeJLP-2877d ago

It looks like Look_Behind will be playing with a banned console soon?

Look_Behind2875d ago

LOL NO, I done this last week and im not banned now. Read my comment further down the page to see why I done it

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Liamario2877d ago

It's really taking the fun out of rumours. Nobody believes them now, so all the hype is gone when they see another faked status.
Funny how they are all taken with some shitty camera. They're not even trying anymore.
For shame....

sonyrep172877d ago

LOL how can that be a status you fool status is on the top of the gamertag not below. below is showing what game you are playing.

Liamario2877d ago

Wrong. Think harder. Try not to fail this time.

Dart892877d ago

*Runs to his ps3 to send a friend request to see if it's true jk*
But i hope they have a beta open to everyone.

FishCake9T42877d ago

I think they will but IMO this looks fake.

Angels37852877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Crossing fingers for an open BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tachyon_Nova2877d ago

Did R2 get a pre-release Beta/Demo?

Regardless hopefully this will!

kharma452877d ago

Yeah R2 had a proper closed beta, it came up as 'Girl with a Stick' when people were playing it so I'd expect any proper beta for R3 to do the same.

BiggCMan2877d ago

Girl with a Stick? For real??? I was in the R2 closed beta and come to think of it, no one ever asked me how I liked it or how I got it. Maybe thats why haha. I never knew this but thats fucking hilarious. Expected from Insomniac though as they are a bunch that loves comedy.

Undeadwolfy2877d ago

lol "Girl with a Stick" wtf? Thats nice hiding rite there lol.

Guy: "Why you playing "Girl with a Stick?"
Guy 2: "Giggidy"

rajman2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Probably another FAKE, have we forgotten how easy this is to do since the PS3 got hacked? Here's proof:

branchedout2877d ago

The hacked PS3's can't access the PSN store as of now.

I remember being in the Resistance 2 Beta. Forgot if it was open or closed, but it sold me on the game!

silvacrest2877d ago

just looking at the front page of PSGROOVE.COM will tell you that much

ActionBastard2877d ago

Actually, they can't. The tools they have are FTPs (which will die shortly), "black screens" and game updaters.

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The story is too old to be commented.