Here's why Joe Danger started as such a sleeper...

In a time where video gaming has become such a dominant financial force, being created by large "studios", with multiple departments, Joe Danger proves that with enough innovation and creativity, there's still room for the little guy in gaming.

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eggbert2876d ago

I was comforted by how successful this game was in sales. They deserved it. Hopefully we won't run into anymore companies tanking even after releasing good games.

darthv722875d ago

i just cant get that tune out of my head when i am looking at it on the xmb. Cant figure out what game show it is from. Dont think it is price is right.

Mark and Brian (radio personalities) use it from time to time in their radio bits.

It was the best $6 I spent on a PSN title (got it on sale).

gameguidedog2875d ago

I concur most wholeheartedly! :)

Ch1d0r12875d ago

The only draw back was online multiplayer. Ohh and the only way to share your track was to send it to a buddy.