Metroid Prime Dev Says They are Focused on Their Next Game in New Interview

In a new interview with Retro Studios, the developer behind the just released Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the previous Metroid Prime titles, says that they're "really excited" about the next title they're going to make, and that fans of the previous Metroid Prime's "won't be disappointed".

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cooke153902d ago

The guys at Retro are extremely relented, can't wait for their next project!

unsunghero283901d ago

Deserves to be fed to burned at the stake and have his ashes fed to hyenas.

ItsDubC3901d ago

Retro goes into some great detail about Prime 3's art direction in the original article source (at MTV). Todd Keller, the art director for Prime 3, notes that every individual mushroom in Bryyo is shaped and placed differently to give the world more of an organic feel and that they aimed for that degree of attention to detail for the entire game.

ShadoWulf3901d ago

Wow, impressive. I can't wait to see what they'll turn out. Retro's gotta be my favorite game studio, ever.