Resident Evil's Wesker Does the Old Spice Guy

Look down, now look back up. You're on a volcano, with the man your man could kill like.

It's no secret that we here at The Escapist love the Old Spice Guy commercials. A bunch of us love Resident Evil, too - which is why this video makes us laugh so much.

It's Resident Evil's Albert Wesker doing his own take on the Old Spice commercials, only instead of espousing the benefits of manly (yet refreshing) deodorant, he's trying to convince all of us to inject our bodies with the Uroboros strain.

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Warprincess1162875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

And every guy in the world needs to buy that.

Forbidden_Darkness2875d ago

This is way off topic, but are you THE war princess from The Tester: Season 2?

Back on topic, this was pretty funny.

SolidMGSnake2875d ago

I wouldnt think so. I think she plays WoW most of the time - the real one.

TANUKI2875d ago

@ Forbidden

Actually, I asked her myself, and she said "no". Just coincidence they have the same account name.

madara0sama2875d ago

The actually voice actor for Wesker did that.

M-Easy2875d ago

Hmm so either the title implies something completely different or my mind is in the wrong place.

Marked2875d ago

LOL.... took me a sec