IGN: Killzone in 5 mins

Psyched for Killzone 3 but have no idea what's going on in the series? Watch our quick video wrap-up.

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TheLastGuardian2874d ago

I still want to play Killzone 1 eventually. Would it not be as good if I got it spoiled from watching the video?

Scottyabanks2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Trust me, you were not spoiled, as an avid fan of the Killzone series, I can confidently say KZ1 was the best in the franchise. Such a good game, and all the reason way KZ2 received all the hype it did. All I got to say is secondary fire, son! Double shot gun, grenade pistol, Gatling gun with missile attachments, 3 missile mortar launchers, machine gun with shotgun accessory! Not to mention, if you had a Gameshark, you could Fire rockets as if it were a fire hose! Oh, and my personal favorite, the machine pistol, so subtle and deadly. Oh, and the ears! Dude the ears! when you play it, you will know what I'm talking about. Buy it now!

beavis4play2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

don't forget, scotty -

you get to play as luger and hakha (love the helgahst pistol) and the park level alone is worth playing KZ1. it's also kick-ass the first time you meet luger!(damn, that chick kicks ass)

just don't give up on it early....i think the opening level of KZ1 is the weakest link.

N4WAH2874d ago

Scary orange eyes that make them easy to snipe. BAAM! <- that part was funny.

Bathyj2874d ago

Killzone 1 had 2 of my favourite weapons of all time.

The Machine Pistol, if we're talking about the same weapon had a silenced single shot mode, and a full auto but still accurate mode with a zoom.

The second was the Helghast rifle. A huge drum mag, with a single shotty round for the secondary fire. There was nothing like emptying a drum into 5 guys that came running around a corner and then when out, that shotty blast to finish off any survivors.

I cant imagine why there's no secondary fire anymore, its a big omission. I suspect its a game balancing issue for the MP portion of the game which really sh*ts me.

Bring back those weapons GG. They're sorely missed.

EeJLP-2874d ago

You'll probably want to throw something at your TV to shut it up with the annoying, repetitive enemy screams in KZ1. That's all I kept thinking about when playing darkSector.. similar annoying enemy screams.

beavis4play2874d ago

Bathyj - LOVED those weapons from KZ1. and yea- i don't understand why GG went away from the secondary fire.
as i said above - that helghast pistol was badass too - it didn't pack as hard a punch as an individual round from the ISA pistol......but it was fully automatic and could really deal out some death!

grailly2874d ago

Wow, you guys just reminded me of how awesome KZ1 was, too bad KZ2 didn't keep the secondary fire and the character choice.

also, didn't KZ1 already have brutal melee? at least I remember that with luger I used to throw knives into peoples throat and pulling it out sideways (awesome!)

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MVGeneral2874d ago

Its "Vekta" not Vetka, game journalism my ass, ign sucks!
And was it just me or did they point out the flaws in Killzone games instead of telling us what it was about.


"My people, Sons and daughters of Sony, This much we? know. The history of this generation will be written in exclusives, by crushing the armies of Microsoft, by seizing the map packs they fought to turn against us, we were fighting for our own exclusives. But if there are those who would deny us free online, refuse us our rightful place in gaming. Then we will unleash such Amazing exclusives, that morons playing xbox 360, will cry out in anguish!" :D

gamer20102874d ago

Wow, you're so original. I've only seen that about A THOUSAND TIMES on youtube and other sites.

beavis4play2874d ago

it's still funny, anyways! bubbles blackboijones!

Tony-Red-Grave2874d ago

LOL no bubbles but i've gotta say it actually works XD

chriski3332874d ago

we still getting the open beta on feb 2nd right?

TheLastGuardian2874d ago

Yep, and the single player demo on Febuary 15th. Can't wait. I'm hearing good things about playing this game with Move. I can't wait to try it out.

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DORMIN2874d ago

Sorry, but that was a pretty terrible retelling of the KZ franchise.
You are better of watching the cutscenes on YouTube.

WTF is up with IGN's journalism lately.

alster232874d ago

you do know theyre meant to be more exaggerated and funny. if it makes you feel any better they did the same to some 360 exclusives

deadreckoning6662874d ago

Why do people who have a predetermined distaste for IGN's journalism continue to read and comment in IGN articles?

Bathyj2874d ago

Its not predetermined. We give them a fresh new chance everytime.

They just keep f*%#ing it up.

nix2874d ago

their quality already hit rock bottom.. but they have this new awesome drilling machine. i just hope they know there is a molten lava at the centre of the earth. q;

Bits-N-Kibbles2873d ago

^^^^ A new drilling machine.... took me a second to figure out you going with the literal comedy approach and then I laughed.

trancefreak2874d ago

Dormin it was meant to be funny which I thought it was.

Killustrious2874d ago

And they spelled VEKTA as VETKA.....

IGN sucks.

Mr Tretton2874d ago

It was annoying as hell hearing "Vetka" over and over again.

Good job IGN.

clearelite2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Maybe they have been inhaling some of the fumes he was talking about in the video.

Few more hours until the open KZ3 beta :]

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ElementX2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

To be quite honest, I couldn't follow the story. All I knew I had to do was shoot guys with glowing orange eyes.....

Bits-N-Kibbles2873d ago

you should have played KZ1 instead of hopping on the bandwagon at KZ2.

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