CVG - DiRT 3: 'A tarmac playground of destructive automotive joy'

CVG: Getting behind the wheel of Dirt 3 was like meeting up with an old friend.

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VonBraunschweigg2877d ago

Tar mac? Destruction?

Tears coming up, untill I read "According to Codemasters, a career that will put more emphasis on actual rallies (about 60% of the events)..."

Allright, guess I won't finish about 40% of the events:) I want pure rallying in a rally-game, for destruction there's always MotorStorm.

aaaaaaaaa2877d ago

"Codemasters are keen to stress that feedback of their last game has been taken on board.", don't all developers say this when the last game they did was full of bugs.
I'm still going to keep an eye on this one and hope it's a good one.