TGS 07: 1UP Previews Operation Darkness

Along the back wall of Microsoft's booth at TGS 2007, two unassuming demo stations feature one of the more unique games of the show. At the very least, developer Success has put together a combination game mechanics, characters, and subject material that you'd never expect to hear in one group. In Operation Darkness you get a turn-based tactics game set in WWII where you play as the allies with characters that can transform into werewolves, who then fight against Nazis that become zombies when you kill them the first time -- bet you weren't expecting that.

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_insane_cobra3895d ago

I want that game badly, here's hoping it comes to Europe eventually.

Raistlin3895d ago

I think the concept is crazy, in a good way, and I really like the anime look. The graphic aren't next-gen but in a jrpg it's more about gameplay and concept. I think I heard at E3 that there was English menus being shown, so here's hoping they bring it to America and Europe!