Is Master Chief dead? Games Radar question Bungie about the new ad campaign

A charred and cracked battlefield. An unstoppable swarm of enemies. A frightened soldier cowering behind his overturned jeep, mustering the courage for one final fight. And, in the center of this bloody war, an evil general holds humanity's last and greatest hope in his clutches. The Brute seems victorious; Master Chief appears utterly defeated.

You've seen the ads for Halo 3. But what the heck does it all mean? Is this how the game ends? Is this how our hero ends? Did Bungie and Microsoft just spoil everything?

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IRONMAN_57x3685d ago

no they just overhyped everything

MC you could have been a TRUE hero but its MS dude, they ruin everything

JokesOnYou3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

ironman at least get creative like DJ and find some kind of weird reason to bash Halo3, lmfao

basicly all your post sound the same

"uhm I hate Halo because.....uhm ah, well ah, uhm I dont really know why but I hate micro so therefore Halo3 must suck"

pa pa please at least make up an excuse or give some kind of empty reasoning, seriously I'm trying to help you out because your comments are really boring and dont even really say much, so I cant even respond with a counter reaction other than something boring like this, or the usual boring "you dumbass" type of comment and well I like to keep it interesting=


Munky3685d ago

Hate to be a cut and paste wh0re, but the numbers dont lie man. The Halo series as a whole is the real deal, stop crying.

The Numbers

· “Halo®” and “Halo 2” have sold more than 14.8 million copies worldwide (Xbox® and PC versions). It’s expected that by the end of the year fans will have spent more than $1 billion on the “Halo” franchise.

· The “Halo 2” release on Nov. 9, 2004, set entertainment history by generating $125 million in U.S. sales in its first 24 hours. The launch of “Halo 3” on Sept. 25, 2007, is expected to once again set entertainment sales records by selling more in the U.S. on day one than any movie in history (the current record is held by “Spider-Man 3” at $151 million) and selling more in its first week than any album.

· “Halo 3” is the most anticipated game in video game history, and pre-sell numbers showcase the excitement, reaching 1 million in the United States alone in late July, two months before the launch.

· More than 10,000 retail stores across the United States will be open at midnight on Sept. 25 to ensure that fans receive “Halo 3” hot off the shelves. Managers at workplaces worldwide expect a higher than usual number of absentees in the days following the launch.

The Xbox LIVE Numbers

· The “Halo 3” multiplayer beta, which ran for three weeks in May 2007, attracted more than 820,000 unique participants from 25 countries around the world and became the biggest console beta of all time.

· Participants in the multiplayer beta logged more than 12 million hours of online gameplay. That’s the equivalent of 1,400 years of continuous play by a single person. They downloaded more than 350 terabytes of data, equivalent to more than 82 million digital song downloads with an average size of 4 MB.

· Of the 7 million members on Xbox LIVE®, the largest social network on TV, more than 5.5 million have played “Halo 2.”

· Nearly three years after the release of “Halo 2,” more than 300,000 unique gamers continue to log on to Xbox LIVE every day to play it.

mighty_douche3685d ago

as long as M$ has a console, he's their cash cow and we all know M$ love their cash.

xCAPTSTONERB91x3685d ago

sry guys but he does die in the

PumPum3685d ago

LMAO ye Hallo kitty 3 has been on the net for over a week now

Trauma3685d ago

I guess you haven't seen the lengendary ending then huh?

HeartlesskizZ3685d ago

MC future is up to the fans...not the normal "I like Halo fan" but the "hardcore 24/7 online freaks tb?? on every kill Fans"...

They will decide if they got enuff of halo and MC or if they stil want to destroy another Halo.

Halo3 critics will go on and on for a very long time , good or bad ones the company will see the fanbase reaction and take action for better or worst.

In my opinion: Im getting Halo3 this Xmass and only for the campaign.

Enjoy the game and remember....More Gaming Less Flaming

fopums3685d ago

seriously, the game comes out in a week, mc can live or die and normal life will go on people's xD

none the less Im gonna have fun on the 25th :D

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