EA branded unsatisfactory by Better Business Bureau

EA's latest version of Madden is severly p***ing off gamers with a few deeming it as unplayable due to the bugs involved. The Xbox 360 and PS3 version suffer from similar bugs and even the Wii suffers from quite a long list. On the list include system freezes, online play trouble, players disappearing from the free agent pool and quarterbacks automatically throwing the ball as soon as it is hiked. Consumers are filing reports everyhere possible not to mention to the Better Business Bureau in California where EA is headquarted in which the Bureau has received 443 complaints regarding EA in the past 36 months resulting in an unsatisfactory rating.

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s8anicslayer3902d ago

and just remember we wereall arguing how the 360 version played at 60 fps as opossed to the ps3 version at 30 fps,i guess they all have problems and this goes back to show us that ea really is just a lazy cash cow

Omegasyde3902d ago

Great Find! Perhaps this will open the average gamers eyes to the crud that EA produces.

Who cares what version is better than the other, when they all versions are complete crap.

In the end it doesn't matter if your Sh*# is browner, or bigger than mine..
Its the fact that we are arguing about Sh*# in the first place.

EA products = Sh*#

MikeGdaGod3902d ago

good find s8anicslayer, great comment Omega

yeah after this year its gonna take alot for EA to get my business.

sajj3163902d ago

Madden's and I have been asking all sports fans to boycott EA. There is a reason why folks. Why fuel the fire of mediocrity? Keep sending those complaints in. Keep writing to EA. Write to your congressman! Write to the president. EA needs to get back to reality. Bring back the good old Genesis days.

Omegasyde3902d ago

I wish the NFL would break the contract and turn the license over to anyone.

Competition is always better for the consumer (us!)

Despite Fanboys saying Sony Sux or that the 360 stinks.. without that competition, we would all lose and no gaming innovation would take place and console prices would be SKY HIGH.

s8anicslayer3902d ago

this just goes to show everyone that we don't have to except mediocrity

DrWan3902d ago

why u guys still feeding them? every madden is the same..

Itachi3902d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.