GameSpot: A Look at the Most Anticipated Games of 2011

GameSpot - "Like last year, 2011 is absolutely stacked with high-profile games that will be released during the coming months. Many of these games are sequels to popular franchises, so they have a lot to live up to, but there are some notable original games in the mix that attempt to bring something new to the table. This week, we'll be highlighting a few games each day (in no particular order) that we think you should give some attention to, if you're not already doing so."

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disturbing_flame2878d ago

Have you already read this kind of articles about 675 times ?

If it's not the case, you can't read my comment you surely don't have internet or you're not yet born.

danthegardner2878d ago

Or because I've seen the articles and have not read them. That's how I have not read this article 675 times.

disturbing_flame2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Come on everybody knows that you have read at less one of them. ;)

danthegardner2878d ago

Yes like 7, much less than 675. Almost ten times less.

disturbing_flame2878d ago

I'm sorry if you didn't understand i was ironic.

Reading 7 times the same article, it's just 7 times too much, people like waste their time by reading infos that they already know. It's like junk food for their mind.

awiseman2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

LOL at the fools above me arguing :P

on topic: this article will get flamed because it doesnt have any ps3 exclusive titles listed on it. Im telling you all now.

Slimshadyn2878d ago

Did you miss the part that said "This week, we'll be highlighting a few games each day." And how is foreshadowing that fanboys are going to complain on topic?

On topic: Rage and Batman look sick!

Relientk772878d ago

Yeah! Your're damn straight it's Diablo III


aaronobst2878d ago

Stopped reading after i saw the word Gamespot