Treyarch: First Strike 'More Than Just A Map Pack'

Call of Duty: Black Ops community manager Josh Olin has told NowGamer how First Strike will differ from the Modern Warfare 2 DLC...

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bluwulf2794d ago

Oh it has ziplines too..

MAJ0R2794d ago

LOL this is the most hilarious marketing BS I've ever seen

MintBerryCrunch2794d ago

ohhh shi....i get to press extra buttons

Gamer_Z2794d ago

Broken DLC for a broken game, No thank you.

awiseman2794d ago

indeed, its a mapax + $$$ lots of $$$

SpitFireAce852794d ago

Dont forget the automatic turrets On the Map Berlin
wall and of course all the free lag,disconnects,
host migration shitty hit detection etc etc...

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skyward2794d ago

Wasn't there an exploding bridge in the trailer too?

Blacktric2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

That's probably the ONLY destructible part of the map. I'm not saying don't buy the pack or anything but Activision developers are really slow learners. Both MW 2 and Call of Duty 4's map packs didn't even add any achievements and they've finally added them for the 7th game's pack. I mean is it too hard to add a couple of achievements/trophies to raise the value of the map packs? You're already charging 15 bucks for 5 maps at least add something extra. Look at Halo: Reach Noble 1 Map Pack. There are three maps. Three greatly designed maps and it costs 800 MS Points (10 dollars) and even adds achievements.

duplissi2794d ago

look no further than vietnam when assessing how map packs should be done- it makes the game feel fresh again.

theonlylolking2794d ago

I am glad they did not add achievements and trophies. Its not needed. What is needed is a lower price.

visualb2794d ago

its an expensive map pack =)

jokes aside, I did like the new maps. tried them out, best out of all imho, but WAY to expensive

COD just isn't what it used to be =|

ddurand12794d ago

but it is just a map pack.

Tunerboy87322794d ago

Ofcourse its more than a "map" pack.It has zombies too!It's too bad im not a sucker that pays $15 for 4 new maps and one zombie map tho.I rather put that towards my killzone 3 preorder.

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The story is too old to be commented.