Podcast: How will 'Halo 3' sales affect Xbox 360 sales?

After a summer of reports about quality issues concerning the Xbox 360, Microsoft is set to release the highly anticipated Xbox game, Halo 3 next week. Ina Fried discusses what this means for Microsoft.

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Halo 3 will sell many X360, but "only" for about two months, after that they will sell less and less consoles, like any other "console-seller"...

Some people think everyone that want a Halo 3 already have a 360, it's non-sense. But, it's also non-sense to think that actually this much of people care about Halo to buy a 360 after some time, only for this game. Halo don't saved Xbox, have no reason to save X360.

I'm not saying 360 is doomed nor nothing, but Halo is just a game after all, can't do all the work alone and, even if it rockets X360 sells the next months, its effects will not last forever...

If MS want a final-hit in Sony with this game, better they think again. It's not like Sony will die for a good game with the concurrent or for some bad months, the PS2 have survived all that in it's first year (and I'm not saying also that PS3 will made it only cause PS2 did).

The thing is, it will be some good month to MS, maybe even catching up to Wii, but after that, the 360 is most like to become the same old Xbox...

ASSASSYN 36o3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I don't understand your ENGRISH very well. But, Halo 3 will push consoles because that is what has already happened. The game is a system seller and a gamer coonverter. And, realistically 2 months of climbing sales (as you stated) is a very good boost for sales of the 360 installed base.

But things go sour when you state the 360 will be the same old Xbox as if there isn't any support for the 360. Last I checked MS has acquired plenty of third party support which is needed like blood for a console to prosper.

The future of 360 is healthy and bright. Go cry but superior ps3 will win just WAIT all you want. Xbox was superior to ps2 and enter that darn ps2 third party support again giving it the advantage. Table flip anyone?

SKOD BIG BOSS3864d ago

MGS FTW. RROD !!!! LMFAO HahahahahahaHA. theres gona b a lot of overheatin crackboxs soon

Gamer133864d ago

Halo is a Killer FPS, have you seen the adverts on your TV about this game - The world await Halo 3.

MADGameR3864d ago

You just over exaggerate like the rest of the Halo fans. I can't wait til it releases so they all can stfu. I'm not getting Halo 3 period. I'd rather just see it at a friend's house. If it ACTUALLY has a good story line then I'll consider it as good as Halo 1. Halo 1 is the best in the series so far. PC version that is.... On a happier note, I can't wait for MGS4, DMC4, RE5,SH5,UDF, FFXIII (3),etc

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