60° - Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Hands-on Impressions

"Square Enix had initially trademarked Dissidia Prologus a while ago and we weren't too sure what exactly it meant. Come January and Square Enix released a great deal of information regarding Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, including character reveals and details on various gameplay mechanics. What came alongside the string of announcements was Dissidia Prologus, a demo featuring a glimpse of Dissidia 012's story and gameplay.

Unfortunately, the demo hasn't left the best of impressions since it actually costs 300 yen to purchase and the thought of paying for a demo is just like paying for those sample tidbits at the supermarket. Surprisingly, there is plenty in Prologus to warrant that little extra change."

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mephman2873d ago

Seems like it's actually worth throwing a few bones down for.

tweex2873d ago

I mean, yeah, but having to pay for a demo puts a bad taste in my mouth :(.

Hardedge2873d ago

It's more like a mini arcade game then a demo.

mephman2873d ago


Yea, I think they made a mistake by saying it'd be a demo to be honest.

Hardedge2873d ago

@meph: pretty much, the stigma of a paid demo's already stuck.

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karlowma2873d ago

WTB Dissidia for PS3 ><

anasurimbor2873d ago

It's a lot more than a simple demo, there's quite a bit to what you're buying. Definitely was worth it for me, playing as Kain was everything I'd hoped it would be.