G4TV: Yakuza 4 Gameplay Preview

"In Yakuza 4 you will meet a whole slew of new characters, visit new locations, play new mini-games, chat with sexier hostesses, and beat up foes to a pulp just like this gameplay video below, which displays some deadly moves. Developed and published by SEGA and exclusively on the PS3, Yakuza 4 is set for a North America release on March 31, 2011."

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disturbing_flame2872d ago

You know conventional beat them alls, and you will know Yakuza.

It's like playing a beat them all with a 20 hours long story, side quests, items customisation, good scenario, emotion, fun, WTF moments.

Yakuza is a goldmine packed with violence and class.
Too bad gamers won't buy it, and reviewers will snob it, an underated licence.

Thank you SEGA to release that game here in USA and Europe.

nix2871d ago

totally agree. i haven't even finished Y3. there was so much to do...

orange-skittle2871d ago

Yes it's a conventional beat em up, but NO it's not a gold mine.

It's too easy to make and that's why they keep cranking out sequels. there's barely any dialog and the story can go way over the top. The graphics are not that great and the city life seems mechanical. The fighting mechanics are not that great. Look at your standard punch and kicks. If they want those stellar reviews, they have to step it up A LOT! Even Shen Mu's little town was a little better. They closed the store and you watched them walk home at night. Those people were real. The animation in Yakuza just feels so flawed and I know they could've done so much better.

disturbing_flame2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Compare this game to other games that follow the same goal in terms of combat and you'll see how much Yakuza is rich.

-Dialogs are more polished than any beat them all out there. Story is on different levels, NPC have a real personality and are not just here like randoms on the path of the hero.

-The graphics are not great, it's true but the world is big enough to have variety in terms of pure esthetism in the development of the story, it has also crowds moving in its city; lot of details that are interesting like differents bars/restaurants/clubs, maye graphics are not great ut in terms of environemnts the game is cool.

-The fighting mechanics are fun = you can use part of the environment to fight, you learn technics and it's always funny the way you learn them, the fight scene is very arcade oriented, there's a movement from the open world to the scene of the fight that reminds me JRPG. The finish are really fun to watch, there's also a customization with weapon, you can make your own weapons (JRPG), you manage your inventory with items to give you life that you can buy around the city (arcade/rpg).
There are also fight tournaments inside the game itself. So no the fighting mechanics are more than just punch and kick, it's more deeper than that, if you try to reach the 100% in the game you'll understand that.

-And more than that there are also all the activities that you don't talk aout that make YAKUZA more than a conventional eat them all like you say :

Yes it's a gold mine and it's deeper than what you are saying. I'm a huge fan of Shenmue (yes we write it like that) and i love YAKUZA.

Hope people will dicover this underated licence, really fun if you don't take it too seriously.

play17boy2871d ago

I will buy it, great story and action. I just wish it was English dubbed, but then it would be too perfect I guess lol.

rugis2871d ago

Yeah, what ever happened to that whole zombie thing? I was actually excited for that.

Redempteur2871d ago

zombies are in a spin off games that comes after this one

if this one sells the zombie ones should come next year ..

Tetsuryu2871d ago

That's a different Yakuza title.

TANUKI2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

The zombie one is called "Yakuza of the End" a spinoff, as someone already said...

In case anyone is wondering, the zombie one supposedly has Co-op!