TGS hands-on: White Knight Story

The slightly cel-shaded nature of the earlier trailer has been toned down a bit so that now the world looks more realistic, whilst still maintaining its obvious anime inspiration. The game dropped jaws with its incredible stylised JRPG graphics when it was revealed at TGS last year and is still graphically stunning.

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Foliage3864d ago

To the guy in the report history: "not interesting since we saw tgs trailer's"

Just because there was a trailer doesn't mean that people don't want further details on this game.

nasim3863d ago

Oh my god i have never seen graphics as good as WKS besides FF13

Phantom_Lee3863d ago

this is on top of my list...along with shin megmei tense~

Irving3863d ago

This is the game that took the time and resources away from possible FF7 remake for PS3. It better be damn good !!

Barreldragon003863d ago

This was supposed to be a launch title for the PS3 but they said that if they did that they would have had half of what is in their now. this makes me really excited about this game.

jackdoe3863d ago

Looks nice. Hopefully they iron out the framerate and feeling of size problems.

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