The ten most influential video games ever

From crude lab experiments to multi-million pound franchises making fortunes for sports stars like Tony Hawk and Colin McRae, video games have come a long way. It is time to trace the turning points in the entertainment industry's fastest growing area.

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XENOCIDE3714d ago

I must say they nailed this list nearly dead on the head. Some I'm sure will disagree. But we're not talking about great games or even legendary games. There's a big difference between a good game that sells well n' even helps moves systems than games that actually influenced the industry at large.

XENOCIDE3714d ago

Maybe I've overlooked something but I don't remember any game that was actually influenced by Atari's Pong. The game was great, n' I still play it in different forms to this day. But what other game has implemented those simple gameplay mechanics? Which gaming genre was influenced by Pong?

Xi3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I think they also forgot fallout which saved PC gaming and deus ex. It's impossible to get it down to 10 really.

chrno3714d ago

None of these franchises last for more than 10 years, unlike ff7. Why is ff7 not on the list?

Torch3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Funny how it mentions the influence that Super Mario Bros. has had on other games, yet omits the very game that spawned Super Mario Bros. itself.

Isn't Donkey Kong the game that actually put good ol' Nintendo on the world-wide map???

Just for fun: Upon reading the story's title, the first three games which immediately sprung into my head (in order):

-Space Invaders
-Pong (also MIA, if I recall)

Ahh, Space Invaders: A source of countless beatings for stealing quarters from my parents, and for getting caught red-handed after wholeheartedly denying to having just come back from dropping massive change into "those f*cken brainwash machines that fry your brain."

But shows how much those naive parents of mine knew...I turned out just fine, despite the countless hours of video game-playing.

(Gotta go now...I missed my lithium dose again, silly me. Tomorrow's a big day: The psychiatrists have been hinting that they may promote me to a medium-security facility (without padded walls!) so long as I promise not to bring along my three invisible-but-dearest friends, Inky, Karnov, and Shinobi.

Guess I'm gonna have to sneak them in later.)

Mecha1053714d ago

Half-life, Battlefield 1942, Myst, The 7th Guest, and a whole bunch more?!

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