Some True Halo Fans Showing Some Bungie Love

Some fans show their appreciation buy buying game merchandise, or playing it on a regular basis. But some fans of a game go above and beyond and do something so unexpected and amazing that it deserves praise from everyone. Carnage A51 and xXNA7EXx are both such fans. They spent weeks of dedicated time making this Rube Goldberg video in Halo: Reach’s forge world. You will have to see it for yourself to believe it! We also want you to know that the creators of the above film are not affiliated with our site in any way, we just thought that what they did was so amazing it deserved notice. So lets give them a round of applause, for they really do deserve it.

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aviator1892875d ago

Wow, now that's some dedication right there.

Guitarded2875d ago

It also brings to mind these lyrics from a song by Styx. "Too much time on my hands."

SixZeroFour2875d ago

i love the droping teleporting part, it reminds me of flash going into speedforce

and obviously they are also hoping to get the coveted star nameplate for this rube goldberg even tho it isnt part of the contest...but i think they deserve it, a lot of time, effort and planning went into that and it clearly shows

Burning_Finger2875d ago

The most boring video I've ever watched.

Mista T2875d ago

Sony fanboy opinion is invalid

TheGameFoxJTV2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I....third that.

Neko_Mega2875d ago

Just wow, that was awesome and this is way I won't play Halo in less done by Bungie.

Guitarded2875d ago

Although making sense is not pre-requisite on this site it is helpful in making your point.

Bungie rocks!

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