The Gaming Show - Episode 2

Episode Two

In Episode Two of The Gaming Show:

- How To Become A Level Designer : We examine the rigorous process that potential employees of game developers go through to land their dream job, featuring amazing hand-drawn level design-into-videogame evidence.

- Kinect Hardcore : We take a glimpse at what lies in store for hardcore gamers this coming year, including preview footage of one of the most anticipated games for core Xbox 360 Kinect owners.

- The Evolution of Grand Theft Auto : We take an in-depth and informed analysis into one of gaming's biggest franchises: Grand Theft Auto.

- The Rehabilitation of Gamers Addicted to Violent Videogames : Unbelievably, there are a small minority of gamers out there addicted to violent videogames. This feature highlights a new and controversial rehabilitation programme with startling results.

- Greatest Movie to Game Adaptations : We take a look at a famous scene from a blockbuster movie and compare side-by-side how close the game developer got to accurately recreating it in videogame form.

- Corporate Deception : In 2005, Sony Computer Entertainment, in conjunction with game developer Guerrilla Games, misled the gaming world at E3 '05 with alleged actual gameplay footage of Killzone running on PS3. Now, for the first time, a side-by-side comparison can be made to discover the shameful corporate deception that took place on that fateful day.

- The Gaming Show Awards : Also in this episode we display nominations for our end of year videogame award ceremony. This episode features nominations for the following categories:

-Best Motion Capture
-Best Artificial Intelligence
-Best Physics


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