Tetsuya Nomura Talks Up Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Andriasang: Director shares lots of new details on Final Fantasy XIII sister project in Famitsu interview.

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Cloudberry2876d ago

"The opening section, which showed Noctis and his driver driving down a freeway was CG (not live action footage, Famitsu confirmed), but everything from the conversation scene between Noctis and Stella was real time running on the PlayStation 3.

This includes the flyby scene with the masses of buildings that precedes the combat part of the clip."


HOLY CRAP.........

The first scene where Noctis & the driver is CG, not live action footage???


I download the HD trailer, and I swear to GOD that scene is looked like the real thing...

The car, the background, the toll booth (?).

That's crazy.

MaideninBlack2876d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious that the opening was pure CG.

ExplosionSauce2875d ago

Anyone know anything about towns?

despair2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

yea I swore they had some live action there, watched 3 times and still think they are lying lol. That is the best CG I have ever seen.


The part with the toll booth looked like a live action shot spliced in, but apparently its all CG.

Keith Olbermann2876d ago

I want them to put all other projects on hold and finish this baby!!

kaveti66162876d ago

Gosh, some people are so melodramatic.

ComboBreaker2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

who will only be seeing it in compressed 720P or maybe even 480P on the 360, if it ever come to the 360.

Anyway, Versus is the true Final Fantasy. Large world with expansive villages. Lots of freedom, exporation, and control. Incredible CGI. Real-time battles. Character growth system. Badass character designs as well as badass villians. It just does everything right.

kaveti66162876d ago

You think I don't have a PS3. How precious.

What's next?

You wanna brag about your income, the type of car you drive, your girlfriend's cup size?

roflcopters2876d ago

@ ComboBreaker

how do you know what VS' will be like? keep having those dreams buddy because it's never going to live up to your expectations.

ComboBreaker2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

"You think I don't have a PS3. How precious."

Well, it's all your fault, man. You bash the PS3 all the time and you act like you only have a 360. How was anybody suppose to know you have a PS3 too? We're not psychic, you know.

"You wanna brag about your income, the type of car you drive, your girlfriend's cup size?"

Well, yeah. If I am rich and I drive a BMW, I would be bragging about it all over the internet, man. I mean, who wouldn't?

Of course, I wouldn't tell you about my gf's cup size, 'cause you know, it's personal.

"how do you know what VS' will be like?"

You didn't read the article at all? Because all those informations are from the article, and some of those information can be seen in the trailer too. Come on, people. I know reading is boring, but at least watch the video.

"keep having those dreams buddy..."

You may say that I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us.
And the world will be as one...

kaveti66162875d ago

I don't make up bullshit about the PS3, is what you mean to say.

The best way to tell who owns a PS3 on this site is to read their retarded comments about "the sheer processing power of the Cell."

I only own a PS3 because of the exclusives. Other than that I don't really think consoles are good products.

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InfiniteJustice2876d ago

If there's anything Square can do right it's CGI. A lot of people may not have liked the gameplay or the story... or the characters of FFXIII, but surely no one can deny how gorgeous the CGI scenes were.

Versus' CGI looks even better though, pretty stunning really

iamtehpwn2876d ago

"The trailer shows just a section of the game's starting country -- that is, the kingdom ruled by Noctis' father. There are also other large kingdoms, and in between them you'll find villages. Even the villages are expansive. "

HD Towns? Too hard.
HD Kingdoms? LOL. easy.

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Nate-Dog2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Wow that's a lot of info, nice to see we're getting a bit more each week (or so) for now. Mind you I wouldn't mind a release date but I won't push it knowing that that's probably still another while away. :P

Simon_Brezhnev2876d ago

Yeah thats a lot of info and im glad we know so much more about the game finally i wish we had a release date.

Kte2876d ago

Not bad SE not bad...Once they say that the game will be free-world roam I will die of happiness. Don't let me down SE

The EDGE2876d ago

this is the FF game the fans have been waiting for this gen, cant wait to play this beast.

koehler832876d ago

I maintain that Nomura is the only inspired designer left at Square-Enix.

I also maintain that's because they refuse to let new blood try things out in Japan, as is common place everywhere else.

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