PS3 and Wii sales drop significantly as Xbox 360 hardware sales explode

The new charts have been updated on VGChartz for the week of September 9 - September 15. Hardware sales are showing some very interesting things as Wii hardware figures drop 20% to well over 90k and Playstation 3 even drops an amazing 40% to just over 30k. This compared to Xbox 360 figures which increase by almost 20% selling nearly 90k, almost as much as the Wii.

Heavenly Sword did not impress in first week sales, with not even 80k copies. Bioshock and Metroid Prime still doing amazing with another 90k and 70k this week respectively. EA's SKATE debuted this week with just over 50k as the NHL 08 and NHL 2K8 games fail to impress. Full numbers after the jump

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ktchong3809d ago

I know some hardcore Halo fans who play *only* Halo and nothing else... and they still have not gotten their Xbox 360 yet.

At the same time, there a guy who played BioShock at my house and had just gotten his own Xbox 360. (Although I told him not to buy one and that he could just come over to my place and play through the whole game... because people should not buy a console for just one game.)

secret3808d ago

Look at the current third / fourth gen games like Halo3 and Ninja Gaiden 2, and you can see that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically. They look pretty similar or even worse than first gen titles from the PS3 such as Motorstorm and Ninja Gaiden Sigma that's a remake port made by a branched off bunch of unimportant kids inexeperienced with the PS3. With an important title like Halo3, you'd think Microsoft would make a giant graphicall leap. But they couldn't.

Grand Turimso 5 is only the beginning for the PS3, and you can tell that no xbox360 game ever will graphically compare. It'll only get better and better, wheras the XBOX360 has had two to three years already and there has been no sign of a graphical breakthrough at all. Grand Turismo 5 is a graphical breakthrough as Motostorm. I'd argue that the xbox360 cannot do Motostorm with all it's dust and mud and particle effects and lighting and physics.

xbox360 is a 60mph car. PS3 is a 200-600 mph Lamborghinni beast. Microsoft plays dirty and changes laws and rules so that all cars faster than it must run at near 60mph so that it would be "fair" to them. They also place sneaky roadblocks and other dirty tricks along the way. But that is bad for ALL gamers. Because graphics will be capped off at 60mph instead of 600mph for this gen unless the PS3 finds a way to counter the bad people...

Microsoft has committed the crime of knowingly releasing faulty hardware to the public.

Microsoft has committed the crime of restricting all graphics power to their maximum level for all consoles in the race, which is pretty low.

Micrsofot and xbots have committed the crime of unethical business practices as you see in this room and through bribed media and secret handshakes.

All gamers suffer because of the xbox360 because all graphics are being capped off at 60mph when it should be 600mph or more this generation. We'll have to wait and see if the PS3 can outmanuever the unethical practices of their competition. You only resort to dirty tricks if you feel you cannot win fair and square.

It's like the xbox360 B-student arranging with the teacher so that all students cannot earn higher than a B grade. I say let the A students earn their A's and stop interfering...!!!

I do not believe that this gen should be capped off at 60mph with the xbox360. ALL GAMERS SHOULD REBEL AGAINST THIS, EVEN THE XBOTS.

Tommie3809d ago

X360 outselling PS3 3-to-1 this week and almost nearing Wii level. Heavenly Sword did not do well in its first week, and caused a PS3 hardware decrease. Also, PSP sales up 'only' 20% with PSP Slim release. Not good news for Sony. Halo 3 2 million first week?

Lightning Mr Bubbles3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Isn't that true? It even matched Wii sales. XBOX 360 best attack is now. So this is expected.

Heavenly Sword could of fallen into the Halo effect. A lot of companies elect not to release thier game during Halo mania for that reason.

fjtorres3809d ago

...that rather than a Halo effect, Heavenly Sword was done in by the reviews?
Even folks that like it think 6 hours of gameplay is...problematic?
For most folks, a six hour game is a rental, not a purchase.
As for PS3 sales dropping; well, what else would you expect after all the publicity the upcoming $399 PS3 is getting? With no must-have games out there, an imminent $200 price cut is, of course, going to dry up sales.
Don't blame Halo; blame Ars Technica and Pachter.
Halo is not going to have any effect whatsoever on PS3 sales; anybody who would want to buy the PS3 as it exists would do it whether Halo existed or not.
In other words; it is up to Sony whether PS3 sells or not, not Microsoft.

Ju3809d ago


I agree with you. The price is just the problem. I am not sure how much impact the $399 rumor has. There is just so much talk on the net, but does it reach the people (the majority?) outside, too ? It wasn't published in any mainstream media.

But, true, I was pretty disappointed with Sony's TGS performance, they showed good games, and a nice number of 'em as well, but nothing earth shaking (except the rumbling SixAxis). Where was the price drop ?

It could well be, that Sony is not ready for the $399 yet. Especially because of Halo. I mean, they can only loose anyway. Its just a question how much. Loosing with a $399 price tag might hurt much more then with $499/$599. Or they think the library is not big enough for a PS3 only machine without PS2 mode (which I'd guess it will be).

Could also well be, that Sony gets pressure from other Blue Ray partners. If they are not able to sell any significant number of BD players, they might pressure Sony to not introduce yet another low price player (a $399 PS3 would be the killer player - but also nothing to earn for anybody else). That's just a thought, but maybe that has some impact, too.

True, in the light of Halo3, a 360 price drop and a still ongoing PS3 games drought it is not surprising that the numbers go down. I would have hoped - and maybe that's really because of the $399 rumor - because of HS, the numbers would have stayed stable. Seems I was hoping to much.

I think the HS comments are a bit harsh. It is still #3 selling (and even tops BioShock in week 4 - the million seller, isn't it?). So, I wouldn't say its that bad. Dirt also reached a high first week with ~30k - without that big media focus HS got. The list is increasingly filling with PS3 titles. It will take time.

The 360 performance is very good though, SW and HW, no doubt about it. Wii seems to slowly find its way back to earth. I am wondering if it will stop at some level or if the hype is really flattening. I'd guess the 360 will earn the #1 back pretty soon.

PS3 time is not ready, yet. Hope Sony's doing the right thing and plan their "re-launch" accordingly - because that's what's needed.

InMyOpinion3808d ago

I thought people just a week ago said that reviews don't affect sales? Oh well...

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Husso3809d ago

LMFAo vg numbers are a joke you fools, every time NDp comes out thsoe idiots have to "update" their numbers.

they are typicly 30% off.

ben hates you3809d ago

husso may i direct you to number 1

power of Green 3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

You have to know that if anything 360 is kicking some major ass the price drop proved too strong and Halo 3 is helping in a major way only to pass the torch to the other huge titles that won't stop comming untill some where in the middle of next year. This is considering Halo3 will stop selling software and hardware before the other AAA's come(it won't).