NGP vs DS vs 3DS vs PSP Resolution Comparison

Revolt-Tech shows a diagram that outlines the resolutions of each of these major platforms relative to eachother.

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yewles12875d ago

Correction: PSP: 480 x 272

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George Sears2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Nintendo wins under bias picture position conditions.

Denocao2875d ago

That's only a matter of attention to the "3D" feature.

Omega Archetype2875d ago

False. The NGP gets the entire thing! The 3DS may have the back (all of it!) but the NGP has that and then some haha!

Denocao2875d ago

Now YOU are a genius! LOL


ozstar2875d ago

3DS for me then, all i wanted was the T*** and A**.

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klado2875d ago

Fail, What with the crayon painted piece of mess?

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Burning_Finger2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I hope the final spec of the NGP is in HD resolution. 720p should be the standard.


I know it won't be greatly noticeable, but it would benefit the developers specially doing ports on the PS3 to PSP2 without losing a lot of graphical resolution when most of the games on the PS3 are set to 720p.

mushroomwig2875d ago

Implying that you can see the difference between 544p and 720p on a screen that size.

koehler832875d ago

The human eye is easily capable of resolving over 300 pixels per inch. The iPhone 4's retina display accomplishes this, but you pay for it. (Or it's subsidized.)

In motion, resolution starts to matter a little less but then refresh rate comes into question. A low refresh rate will kill clarity, no matter how many pixels are there.

Ideally, we want big, sharp and clear. And of course we want it to be cheap. There lies the ultimate compromise. Just how much are people willing to pay for perfect quality?

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