Opinion: Sony Stumbles Toward Christmas

Just as Sony's lagging PlayStation 3 console was showing signs of a comeback thanks to a price cut in July, the company has stubbed its toe again.

The Japanese conglomerate said Thursday that it has delayed Home, its much awaited online network for the PS3, from an expected release this fall to next year.

Coupled with a weak game lineup, the moves could dampen sales of the PS3 and result in a bleak holiday season for the electronics giant -- unless it comes through with another price cut.

Sony has also failed to get gamers' attention with its two big PS3 exclusive game releases, Lair and Heavenly Sword, as rival Microsoft is set to ride high with its upcoming launch of the Halo 3 game.

Though this holiday season may bring little cheer to Sony, the company could see the beginning of a turnaround in PS3 sales next year with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV -- and could eventually catch up to the Xbox 360.

But even if Sony gains momentum, it's likely the company will finish third -- a mighty fall from its position as the undisputed leader during the last console cycle.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

It's Halo 3 time, the strongest point for XBOX 360. We expected a tough time. Keep on digging all the dig you can find.

hazeblaze3901d ago

This is the most unintelligent article I've ever read... so the PS3's hope for Christmas revolved Home??? And now they have a weak game lineup?

Did someone forget to tell this guy that all of the 360's major games for the holiday will also be on the PS3 with the exception of Halo & Mass Effect? Did they also forget to educate him on Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Haze, & UT3: four of the games getting the most buzz for the holiday?!

I get the impression that this was an article written by someone with absolutely no knowledge of gaming.

MalcomGrasley3901d ago

"Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Haze, & UT3: four of the games getting the most buzz for the holiday?! "

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank
Whipeout HD


GT Prologue - 1080p 60fps Demo, PSN download, and BluRay version of the most popular racing series ever

And that's just for the rest of 2007.

Then comes:

White Night Story
FFXIII - both games
Killzone 2

Just to name a few in 2008...

LOL Halo 3...

Real Gambler3901d ago

Now, it should be called OPINION for Gamers!!!! N4G, this is not a news, and you clearly say so it the title it's an opinion from someone who's likely not even a gamer!!! So when do you plan to change your name from N4G to O4G????

Until Christmas, there's tons of awesome games coming out and pretty much as many exclusives on the PS3 as on the 360.

And why is something FREE being postponed is a bad thing? Does that mean Sony will make less money? NO IT'S FREE! Does that mean they will sell less consoles because a free software won't be available before Christmas? Then prove it by saying how many people are waiting for Home to come out to buy a PS3... As far as I know, I never heard of one person saying "Wow, as soon as Home get's out, I'm buying a PS3!"

So please, stop posting "opinions" and start posting real news... Come on, it TGS right now! News are currently a dime a dozen. Keep stupid opinions for yourself. Sheeeesh

SonySoldiers3901d ago

Next year 08 will be the pay back time!

Many games got delayed this year.. and there's a promise that lots of future games will be PS3 exclusives.

IQUITN4G3901d ago

Sony needs not to put a foot wrong from now on in but MS would also need to completely drop their newly acquired ball.I don't think so.

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sak5003901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Though this holiday season may bring little cheer to Sony, the company could see the beginning of a turnaround in PS3 sales next year with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV -- and could eventually catch up to the Xbox 360.

WTF. Is he a retard? GTA IV with extra content is coming for 360 and looking at history, 95% of MP games have been better on 360 and this will be no exception. I think GTA IV will further increase the lead of 360, not to mention the current crop of games which aer coming out "THIS" year, namely Mass effect, PGR4, H3, Ace Combat 6, COD4 and just released Bioshock.

360 owners should hv a new slogan: We play you wait...

WoundedMoon3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

360 fans could indeed use that slogan, but should also have the slogan "You Play, WE Wait..." ready, just incase they have to send their XBox to M$ for the 6th time.

Witty reply to an equally witty post; I can see the disagrees coming.

MalcomGrasley3901d ago

Let's a laugh at the stupid little Xbox.

Mass effect - Mass Downgrade is what everyone is calling it.

PGR4 - GT Prologue this holiday 1080p 60fps 16 cars - You lose Xbot

H3 - Oh joy, the key to winning the console war for Microsoft just like last gen...oh wait...

Ace Combat 6 - LOL! A fücking flight sim that is on the PS3

COD4 - LOL! A cross platform PC,PS3,360 game. Whatever.

Bioshock - LOL! Another PC game.

Love these Xbots 'amazing games' lists. They are so pathetic.

i Shank u3901d ago

you act like a negative sony robot, why the hate son?

vaan3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

PS3 will be fine.
These FUD articles just crack me up. PS3 will be fine it is going nowhere. IMO by XMAS 08 it will have overtaken the 360.
360 will do well at what it does (not my cup ot tea..FPS etc) and the Wii will continue to sell a gazillion units. (again not my cup o tea, leave the sh1t gfx 'fun' to grandma and co)

@ sak500
You make a valid point there about GTA, and your game list (although ACE COMBAT and PGR are not all that..) But like allot of 360 fanboys on here, you dismiss Sony's titles coming along aswell. You just speak like there is nothing out, or nothing good coming out.
If you think FF XIII, UT3, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet, Gran Tourismo 5, Metal Gear Solid 4 etc will have no impact or need no mention, then you are misguided. Add to that the non support the 360 has from Japan (which will just get smaller as more ps3's ship in ASIA), the long term for the 360 is not as cut and dry as you trolls think.

SmokeyMcBear3901d ago

XMAS 08??? Try April 08... its sole nearly 6 million, with no freakin games, just within the past 3 weeks has any games come out for the system (according to many). It was released worldwide in march of this year, it hasnt even seen a christmas in europe yet. And all of these being sold without any of the franchise games on the system, the Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo. Not to mention new IP's Killzon and LBP. Throw in cornerstone ps2 platforms that have since gone multiplat, DMC, GTA. Its gonna be funny when the whirlwind hits and the xbots scatter.

ip-student3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I don't think Sony has a chance to catch up until 09, at the very earliest. Price matters and Sony will not be in the $300 range until the end of 08. By then, MS will be at $200. The price factor, IMHO, will prevent Sony from ever catching up. There are some nice games in development for Sony - but there is nothing that Sony has that is a real differentiator.

FPS - XBOX 360 has more
RPG - XBOX 360 has more (right now, more western and JRPG)
Sports games - equal or better on XBOX 360
RTS - better or equal on XBOX 360
Arcade games - better on XBOX 360
Network - better on XBOX 360 (but more expensive)
Movies - available on XBOX 360

So the bottom line is that if Sony has a great year from a release of title aspect - the PS3 will only be catching up. And the price differential is still there. MSG and FF will help but I don't see anything that closes the gap by itself - Sony needs two years. So, my money say that MS leads through 2009 - not sure about 2010. But by then it is a moot point - MS will have won just by not losing.

But your crystal ball may see differently than mine.

harpua3901d ago

[breaks open pack of hot dogs to cook over thread]

Wile3901d ago

hotdogs are bad for you.

reaferfore203901d ago

*Lights blunt over thread*


That's some good flamage.

scotthea3113900d ago

Add some chili to that dog.

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