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Ubisoft announces two HD trilogies for PS3

Gamers will soon be able to experience the first three action-packed narratives of operative Sam Fisher and rediscover the original Prince of Persia trilogy. Both are being re-mastered in high definition with 3D viewing capabilities. (Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD, PS3, Retro, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD)

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yewles1  +   1675d ago
I wouldn't trust the Splinter Cells, they just may be straight up-rez's ports of the PS2 versions.
SasanovaS1987   1675d ago | Immature | show | Replies(6)
Man In Black  +   1675d ago
Better be the Xbox versions. PS2 versions were good, but no match for the Xbox versions. Hated how broken up the levels were.
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Commander_TK  +   1675d ago
People here hate facts when u r critcizing about something Playstation related. Ah, gotta love the insecurity and sensitivity of the Sony fanboys...
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Scotland-Tha-Brave  +   1675d ago
^seems to me you are the one insecure and sensitive, why else would you mention one side and not the other?
turgore  +   1675d ago
Agreed. People are so narrow minded here. Even Bin Laden is more open minded.
Vherostar  +   1674d ago
There remastered so it dont matter if they ps2 versions the code etc can be fixed up.....
tacosRcool  +   1674d ago
kramun  +   1675d ago
They had pc versions as well, they wouldn't need to port from consoles.
andrewsqual  +   1675d ago
This guy hit the nail on the head. Yeah hopefully they will be the PC ones just ported over. What would be the point in trying to remaster the original PS2 versions of the games when they have it already in the PC versions?
Downtown boogey  +   1674d ago
I reckon that's even easier, since PS3 is not anything like the PS2 AND Ubi already has the track record for PC-to-PS3 re-mastered ports with PoP.
Trroy  +   1675d ago
More likely they are the PC versions.
xCaptainAmazing  +   1675d ago
If you took time to look at the screens
You can clearly see they used the Xbox/PC versions for the PS3 re-release. The shots of Chaos Theory have dynamic lighting and shadows, which were not present on PS2.
IcarusOne  +   1674d ago
The xbox version of Chaos Theory is the definitive stealth game of all time. First truly next gen game. My friends and I still play it on XBL from time to time. Great co-op. Very happy to see HD version coming to PS3.
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Blaze929  +   1675d ago
If they're porting the PS2 version of ANY Tom Clancy game then gtfo. They just weren't graphically inferior, they were pure garbage technically.

Better be the Xbox or PC versions being remastered.
Theonik  +   1675d ago
Well given Ubisoft's track record i wouldn't be surprised if they were as half-assed as the PoP ones were. Of course i may give them the benefit of a doubt here but i have a bad feeling about this.
RustedMan  +   1674d ago
not to sound like an idiot, but will this include the multiplayer on pandora tommarow and chaos theory?
because if it does, I'd be more than happy to pluck 40 dollars down for what I consider to be the most exciting multiplayer around.
solidt12  +   1674d ago
I really enjoyed Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
killyourfm  +   1675d ago
3D? Even with the up-rez, I can't see this being awesome in 3D.
White-Sharingan  +   1675d ago
Why not? 3DS doesn't have the graphical capabilities of an HD console and people don't seem to mind.
killzonefail   1675d ago | Spam
Warprincess116  +   1675d ago
Im definitely not buying the splinter cell trilogies.If they could get rid of that stupid three alarm in the first two games. Then i might buy it.
xCaptainAmazing  +   1675d ago
That's an awfully lame reason not to get it if you actually want it. It was more challenging with the 3 alarm system and I honestly wish they would have kept it.
Prcko  +   1675d ago | Well said
only on ps3!!!!
SactoGamer  +   1675d ago
Xbox 360 gets hosed (so far) but we'll see if Ubisoft decides to release an XB version later on.
xstation79  +   1675d ago
Not true, I have all those splinter cell games and they work fine on my 360. They are upscaled a little in graphics as well, but I would't mind having this collection just to see how good they look in blu-ray.
frjoethesecond  +   1674d ago
Upscaled and re-mastered are not in the same league.

Compare GOW2 on PS3 to GOW collection. GOW collection ftw!
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MarcusFenixITA  +   1675d ago
yep ... I give u a bubble just cuz u said this and only got 1 bubble!
sp1deynut  +   1675d ago
...the XBOX got the superior versions of these games the FIRST time they were released, because the PS2 simply couldn't handle them. And, unlike the PS2 versions, are all BC on the 360 already. Nice try though.
P_Bomb  +   1675d ago
The XBox Splinter Cells didn't have achievements or 3D support. These three do, including better native resolution without upscaling. For posterity, these are the ones to get.
blumatt  +   1675d ago
@ Fox_Mulder
Hey, you took my profile pic. haha It's cool, man. Yeah the PS3 is truly starting to shine when it comes to games. Actually, it has been for the last 3 years, but 2011 is the best so far.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1675d ago
anounces? PoP trilogy has been the in shops for weeks if not months now...
Infernostew  +   1675d ago
No shops in my country.
JEW_UNIT  +   1675d ago
According to the news report they will be on disc (assuming they are talking about US releases.) Not PSN release.
guitar_nerd_23  +   1675d ago
i live in the uk we've had it in shops for some time now, i guess we don't always get everything last....
Infernostew  +   1675d ago
Looks like I don't need to import the PoP Trilogy from the UK anymore.
AssassinHD  +   1675d ago
I had a feeling they would eventually do a disc release in NA. That is why I haven't purchased the digital releases yet.
ActionBastard  +   1675d ago
Any word about online? Pandora Tomorrow's Merc vs Spies was a blast.
Neo Nugget  +   1675d ago
That's what I wanna know about :/
DRiX  +   1675d ago
I've heard that the PoP games are in need of a patch for its audio. So I'll hold off until then.
wenaldy  +   1675d ago
I'm hoping for PC port tho'..
SactoGamer  +   1675d ago
Maybe later if/when Ubisoft announces a XB 360 release of the exact same thing.
Kamikaze135  +   1675d ago
What makes you think they will? There's absolutely no reason to release these as timed exclusives. If they haven't already announced it, I doubt they will later on.
SuperLupe  +   1675d ago
I wonder why they arent coming to the 360.
30sec  +   1675d ago
I think Kinect has taken all their "buy games" money. Kinda funny a franchise that started on the Xbox (Splinter Cell) is getting an HD facelift for the PS3.
DarkBlood  +   1675d ago
sweet i was this close to getting prince of persia trilogy as a first import and it looks like i'll be picking up splinter cell trilogy as well
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duplissi  +   1675d ago
yeah, i just might buy the splinter cell remasters. with the exception of the last splinter cell it is one of my favorite franchises.
DenyTheFacts  +   1675d ago
Of course you don't like the last Splinter Cell.. You don't have an Xbox..
slinky123456  +   1675d ago
actually the last SC was only good for co-op
AssassinHD  +   1675d ago
I bet he has a PC.
SactoGamer  +   1675d ago
Nothing wrong with having a PC.

And the last Splinter Cell game wasn't *that* bad.
duplissi  +   1675d ago
sooo how bout you shut up now, eh?





no it wasnt *that* bad, but it still was a pretty big dissapointment.
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TheTruth89  +   1675d ago
SC : Conviction incoming.
Not that i'm interested...
DenyTheFacts  +   1675d ago
Lol yeah.. Prince of Persia 5 is too.. It's gonna be exclusive to the PS3
Kamikaze135  +   1675d ago
These trilogies, from what I can tell, all have some relation with a future release.

God of War = God of War III
Sly Cooper = Teaser for new Sly game
Team ICO Collection = Last Guardian
Tomb Raider = New TR game
Splinter cell = New SC game coming out. conviction will probably get released on the PS3 before the new one comes out. probably on PSN only though.
redwolf  +   1675d ago
God of war collection
Team ico collection
Sly collection
Prince of persia collection
splinter cell HD trilogy

rolling back the golden times thanks to blu ray, all mastered with HD support makes them a must buy for the fans of the series like myself from my PS2 hey day
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White-Sharingan  +   1675d ago
If sony would just send me a Metal Gear Trilogy in HD I could die happy.

Oh and use Silicon Knight's MGS1 remake, and not the PS1 version.

MGS: Twin Snakes
MGS3: Subsistence

make it happen!!
evildeli  +   1675d ago

That would be a killer pack. You got my money :)
hellzsupernova  +   1675d ago
hopefully this could mean conviction is coming out on ps3
itsralf  +   1675d ago
why would you want it? /:
played it on pc and it was horrid.
hellzsupernova  +   1675d ago
playing it at my mates it was actually really fun i thought sorry for liking a game you do not
evildeli  +   1675d ago
Never got through the second splinter cell. Gonna def buy the SC pack.
Figboy  +   1675d ago
I've never been a Splinter Cell fan, but I loved the Prince of Persia Trilogy.

I'll definitely be putting this on my list. I'm loving these HD remasters, and it's making it so that I don't have to worry too badly if my BC PS3 croaks on me again. lol. So far, some of my favorite series from the PS2 era have got an HD remaster: God of War, Sly Cooper, and Ico/SOTC, and they're releasing Beyond Good and Evil, Tomb Raider, and PoP.

Now, if they'll just do collects of these:

Kingdom Hearts
Zone of the Enders
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid
Dark Cloud 1, 2 + Rogue Galaxy
Odin Sphere
Okami + Viewtiful Joe]
Silent Hill

I won't need my BC PS3 as badly (there are still some niche titles I love like Second Sight, Primal, Mark of Kri, Ghosthunter, but the ones above are the titles I replay the most).

I'll probably pick up the Tomb Raider Collection also, as I never played Anniversary, Legend, or Underworld.

I invested a lot of money into my 2 HDTVs, and I'm always up for HD content, even if it's remasters of some of my favorite game. I'll take remasters over upscaling any day of the week. God of War Collection is simply AMAZING in terms of fluidity of game play, and the clean, sharp visuals. If Konami, and Square-Enix want to hop on the HD remaster bandwagon, I welcome it (Konami: throw in a Castlevania HD collection featuring SOTN, the DS Castlevanias, and even the PS2 Castlevanias; which I enjoyed; and I'll be all over that as well, even at $60 for the whole lot).
SactoGamer  +   1675d ago
You might get your wish on a couple of those, especially if S-E keeps having hemmoraging money with FFXIV.
Psycho_Mantis  +   1675d ago
Now just wait a god damn minute for people who dont know. Firstly, we dont know what they hell Ubisoft is useing to bring into HD. Xbox or the PS2 versions, WE DONT KNOW! And second, they never said. Anyways, i do hope its the Xbox versions because i have the PS2 versions. True, they were not as great as the Xbox versions but graphicalley they were alright, i had no problem with the PS2 versions.
Now the Xbox versions were def better as people say they were. Esspecailley Chaos theory made the PS2 version look like a high school project. Not bashing here, because im a huge Splinter cell fan and keeping this in mind i did buy an Xbox just to better experence Splinter cell better on that system.
But really though, in the end it doesnt matter what they remaster itll probabley look good either way when you see it. I think i pretty much will be buying the collection because iam a huge fan of SC. If this is a sign of Conviction comming to the PS3 then hey, im all for it!
Hellbound1978  +   1675d ago
I'm only guessing here but it seems like some sort of hybrid??? (PS2 engine with some bells & whistles) There choice of shots is questionable cuz I own all PS2,XBOX and have played PC versions and I can't clearly identify it as any. Hmmmm.... The plot thickens.
BABY-JEDI  +   1675d ago
I've played the Splinter Cell series & always liked the controls. But I always found Metal Gears stories & characterisation more interesting...
Anyway, is PoP set worth getting? Never played it. Only a demo of 1 which I thought made the game too easy?
yaz288  +   1675d ago
Ubisoft HD remake are shit !! I just wish if sony can handle all the remake stuff ,

gow ,sly collection
woooooow there were fucking stunning !!! beautiful and running at 60fps !!!!

pop hd collection was bad imho O__O I so regret buying it !!! the iphone version of warior within was much better than the ps3 version :P

please ubisoft I am really looking for the splinter cell collection so don't ruined it ,

PC port and 60 fps
and 1080 native if possible :p
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Tuxmask55  +   1675d ago
I haven't played any of these (except Conviction), so I'm looking forward to picking one - or both - up.
Archonyto  +   1675d ago
Wish they re-launched Double Agent on PSN, the multiplayer in that game is unique and the most intense I've ever played, though many people may find it boring because there's not a continuous sound of weapons firing and explosions. It has a nice pace, it's really quiet, then you get spotted by a mercenary player,their loud gunfire goes off you start to feel frantic and desperate to find a place to hide behind.
turgore  +   1675d ago
not really new but disc based versions are welcome.
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RustedMan  +   1674d ago
God I loved the splinter cell games.
this makes me so damned happy.
tweex  +   1674d ago
Not to sound too superficial, but if they have trophy support, I will snatch the PoP up in a second!
sam2236  +   1674d ago
I don't get it...how can they annouce a HD trilogy that has already been released?! The PoP Trilogy has been out for a while now. Hell, I own it on Blu-ray!
DRiX  +   1674d ago
This is for North America.
#28.1 (Edited 1674d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sam2236  +   1674d ago
Ah, okay.
DigitalAnalog  +   1674d ago
I don't mind the resolution upgrade.
But is it 60FPS? If not, then frankly it's quite ridiculous. Unless of course is has some purpose to gameplay's impact (aka ICO & SoTC). Otherwise, it a total waste of a remastering.

-End of Line
DA_SHREDDER  +   1674d ago
This is a case of where you forget where you came from, and now you try to cash in and no one is gonna buy your shitty gamez cause you a shitty dev. Now go make a true next gen sequel to RSV or die a slow and horrible death.
#30 (Edited 1674d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Tuxmask55  +   1674d ago
Why can't I remember for the life of me what RSV stands for?
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