Cheap do it yourself Master Chief costume in time for Halloween!

GameDaily knows that you want an awesome costume for Halloween. They know you love Halo and everything remotely associated with the franchise. They also know that you don't have $8000.00 to drop on a Master Chief replica suit on eBay.

Through a slideshow they detail the efforts of one GameDaily staffer to make a somewhat recognizable Master Chief costume as quickly and as cheaply as possible in time for everyone's favorite candy-grabbing holiday.

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socomnick3867d ago

Screw Halloween I'm wearing this Monday at the midnight launch.

Chris_GTR13867d ago

this thing looks like craap. looks more like a zombie than mastercheif.

HeartlesskizZ3867d ago

hahaha this is so funny, it got me luffing quite some time.

His face looks like he got run by a car

BloodySinner3866d ago

Why waste your time creating this when you're supposed to be playing Halo 3?