Gameplay of NEW Zombie map Ascension for Black Ops.

(3rd video down on the page)

This is the preview for Ascension, the latest addition to the Zombies gametype in Call Of Duty: Black Ops. The map is to be featured in the first DLC offering of Map Pack 1 'First Strike' to be release 1st February


Link went down you can see the video here

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pangitkqb2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Looks good. I enjoy zombie mode. My co-workers and I play during lunch.

Okay, CoD haters, now that I have said my two bits go ahead with your hate-speech. You know, cuz nobody ever relentlessly bashes call of Duty. Be original!

SpitFireAce852872d ago

Yeah so is the price $

captain-obvious2872d ago

i kinda liked that
i hope that i dont go crazy and buy it
because im not planning to

xAlmostPro2872d ago

Zombies is pretty much all i enjoy in the COD series now, and wager matches but they can sometimes get frustrating also.

Looking forward to this map :)

2872d ago
juanvan2872d ago

Errors to the max - this source is a joke - takes you right to there main site.. Who approved this crap..

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