Indie Dev Gives Up Monthly Series Due To Poor Sales And Excellent Reviews

Ballistic looks to be another dollar gem (80 MS points) on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel as part of the studio’s high rated monthly releases.

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killyourfm2877d ago

How depressing. I've played at least 4 of his games and they're all incredible. The problem, I think, is the poor visibility of the indie games channel. Luke, get yourself on Steam and you'll see a completely refreshing sales, I'm certain.

sdtarm2877d ago

they shouldnt have chosen XBL, steam or PSN would have been much better why dont they realease their previous works to try?

slate912877d ago

microsofts lack of support for their indie developers is terrible.. I hope it all backfires on them and the indie developers get picked up by someone who will support them.

UNCyrus2877d ago

This is indeed sad news :(

AndrewE2877d ago

indeed. i loved fluid.

SuperKing2877d ago

Put this on PSN and will make bucket loads of money overnight. To this day SuperStarDust HD is the king of twin stick shooters and this game looks incredible.

LunaticBrandon2877d ago

That sucks. Wrong platform I guess. PC indie games are doing great.

PS360PCROCKS2877d ago

go to iphone and android as well. $1 is chump change people buy $1 phone games all the time.

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