Halo 'No Longer Just a Game' For Microsoft

Microsoft partnered with 20th Century Fox to act as the main licensing agent for the Halo brand. Items that did not make the cut were a Halo-themed lottery ticket, lingerie modeled after a female hologram character, and toy guns based on the game's weapons. Instead, fans can expect high-quality action figures from McFarlane Toys, a tabletop game from WizKids, and replica weapons for mature buyers.

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SF49er4083868d ago

After halo 3 theyre gonna make another halo game probley set in the past. its probley gonna be in the era of halo wars where there are lots of spartans and not just 1. it will probley be a launch title for the next xbox. why not. they closed off the story in this trilogy but theres still alot of other wars that havent been discussed in the halo games.

iceice1233868d ago

Be a prequal. Halo wars should be good enough for that. I agree it will be a launch title for the next Xbox. I think it will be right where Halo 3 left off.

PlayStation3603868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

For prequels, Halo Wars should be enough. But there could still be room for more.


20th Century Fox? That company which don't release any titles on HD-DVD? This is an odd world.

drsfinest723868d ago

halo is a damn movement. it kinda upsets me that ps3 has nothing to defend them self this year..(you won this time xbox) but remember we won the ps2v.s xbox =]. neways this wont be the last halo.if it is. then xbox fans should start getting worried.,

GameOn3868d ago

I wont mind if Halo becomes a fond memmory. I Can think of atleast 3 big titles that could take its place.

HeartlesskizZ3868d ago

I just want to see the movie already.

Norad63868d ago

so does this mean 20th Century Fox is going to make the movie. Thats all I care about right now. Well, maybe the replica weapons idea caught my eye.

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