HomeFront : Steam Power & 3D

THQ reveals some new details for Home Front and their new relationship with steam. They take a minute to confirm Home Front’s 3D aspirations as well. Here’s more on THQ’s PC love

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Xfanboy2697d ago

From a gameplay standpoint, we’ve done some additional work on the vehicles. On PC, you’ll be able to control all vehicles from the 1st person cockpit viewpoint as well as 3rd person. We also added additional control options for helicopters, to give those players looking for more sim-like controls something to get their teeth round. There are three settings:

o Ace: Allows for the best maneuverability, but takes the most practice to master.

o Veteran: Balanced difficulty and maneuverability.

o Rookie: Pick-up-and-play level of difficulty, least maneuverable.

andrew1719942697d ago

YA u thing this will be cross platform w/ ps3 n pc wen portal 2 comes out?

LunaticBrandon2697d ago

Not going to happen. You'd get destroyed by key board and mouse users.

andrew1719942697d ago

thats why portal 2is having cross platfom?

Pandamobile2697d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. Please stop.

andrew1719942696d ago

actually i do u fuckin idiot have u read anything on portal its goin to be cross platform w/ the pc and ps3

Pandamobile2696d ago

And what does that have to do with Homefront?

Pandamobile2696d ago

And what does that have to do with the PS3 version?

hassi942696d ago

Andrew almost all PC games these days are on steam, Portal 2 is gonna be an early adopter of PS3 Steamworks as it is by valve. I doubt Sony are going to allow Valve to control a game service for the PS3 on non-Valve games too.

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SpitFireAce852697d ago

Know why dont you give us a beta or demo???THQ

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