Sony shines Blu-ray on PS3 sales campaign

Sony is to step up its marketing campaign for the PlayStation 3 and emphasise that the game console is a Blu-ray disc player.

The move is aimed at boosting both the PS3 and the Sony-backed DVD format ahead of the Christmas holiday sales season.

Kaz Hirai, president of the games unit, told the Financial Times his division was working closely with Sony Pictures and Sony Entertainment to "get the Blu-ray message out". It was a delicate "balancing act" for Sony Computer Entertainment,

"The PS3 is first and foremost a video games machine but we want to say – by the way, it's a great Blu-ray player as well," Mr Hirai said. Marketing efforts in the US, Europe and Japan would highlight the PS3 as a Blu-ray disc player as well.

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CaptainMeatwad3929d ago

Sony is gonna have a hard time getting their popular image back if they keep whoring out their console as a Bluray player...all this does is just further solidify the thoughts of those people(/fanboys) that regard the PS3 as a movie player instead of a game console.

hazeblaze3929d ago

Actually, one of the things that I've criticized Sony for since launch is NOT advertising the blu capabilities of the PS3... most ppl don't even know! People need to know the benefits of the product to understand the value of it.

It doesn't mean that they should focus on blu ray and drop the ball on advertising games (which they actually need to increase ad money on also in my opinion). It means that they need to increase ad $ advertising both of these features!

sticky doja3929d ago

are you serious? That is all Sony has been talkin about for the past year, blu-ray this blu-ray that. I mean they have been offering 5 free blu-ray movies to people who buy the PS3 for the longest, do you honestly think people haven't picked up on that? BTW, I read an article on N4G earlier today stating that they were gonna focus less on the Blu-ray/Media capabilites and focus more on the games. Guess Sony is a little confused about what target audience they want to go after.

barom3929d ago

“The PS3 is first and foremost a video games machine but we want to say – by the way, it’s a great Blu-ray player as well,”

Did you guys just read the title and didn't bother about the article? I quote it again in CAPS to notify you in case you miss it again


WIIIS13929d ago

It is good to exercise some independent thought process from time to time rather than blindly accepting the rhetoric of Sony executives as the word of God.

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Rooftrellen3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

You shouldn't be putting attention on secondary aspects of your console until later in its life.

Sony is saying the games will be good in 6 years, and in the mean time, its a bluray player, the reverse of what it should be.

They've set themselves up for failure in so many different ways, and this is the most obvious, pushing that the PS3 is a bluray player before the war is over and most people are unwilling to commit.

Edit: @2.1

Secondary features can help make the decision, but Sony doesn't say much about the games. Talk about the games for your game mechine, not how it can play bluray, which the majority of people don't want to commit to yet.

The PS3 needs games to get most people to buy it. A lot of people like to talk about attach rates (mostly 360 people, but I've seen Sony fanboys say things about it, too), and the PS3 has the lowest attach rate this gen, so far. Lowest install base and attach rate does not help Sony's cause of getting good exclusives, which every console needs. Pushing bluray doesn't help that situation at all.

jackfatal3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

for some people the secondary features is what make then decide which console to buy!! dont u think so?? at least for some people(including me)!!!
u are right!! but the games are on the way!! and now there is some good games!for someone who bought the ps3 now he has good options that is: heavenly sword, resistance fall of man, motorstorm and other third party games!! they should keep u more than busy till other great games start to arrive! dont u think so?
and now i also see sony starting to focus more on games but they take a bit long because they want to make sure there is something special about it!!

SonySoldiers3929d ago are very important, however it's too good to ignore the future potential of Blu-Ray.

hazeblaze3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

And where exactly have you been for the last year... the ONLY thing they tout publicly are the games coming to the sytem... They didn't even talk about blu ray during their E3 presentation!

What disgusted me about their marketing is that they had a spot on Fox News for the launch of their system and got to showcase one of their games on the only 100" flatscreen HDTV (at the time anyway)... the news hosts were talking up how great HD was before Sony came on.... and they did NOT even mention that their system allows you to watch HD Movies on your new HD toys!!! That's just gross marketing neglect.

You DO NOT wait until years later when your technology is no longer cutting edge to talk about it. You obviously do not have much business sense.

@2.1- you're right. Sony doesn't even have to stress the games anymore... they just have to keep advertising as they come out. All of the haters that talk about 'no games' really have nothing left to say b/c the steady flow of quality games has already started for PS3 gamers... and guess what? They don't stop until whenever the gaming drought starts in 08... and even then the PS3 has the best lineup that we know of so far! Games just aren't the issue anymore... time to educate the public on why it costs an extra $100.

jackfatal3929d ago

ps3 is a gaming machine but that doesnt mean its not the best blue ray player on the market!! i see the ps3 going the same path as ps2!!but a little bit slower in the begining because of games and the high price!!
if i was sony i would market the ps3 as the best gaming console in the console section and in the movie players i would market it as the best blue ray player!! whats the problem with that?? those to dont cancel each other!! its like 2 in 1!! and by doing that more people will realize that its a blue ray player also!!! it gives it more value!! its simple!!
but i really think they should make a ps3 with 400$ price!!
those of u who dont agree tell me y and give a logical reason behind ur reason!!
ps3=gaming+movie player+computer(it can run linux OS)!!

Douchebaggery3929d ago

sony is monster with way too many heads, they can't seem to find a message and stick with it.

the advertisement for ps3 is like non existent, MS is good at seeing what's going on and reacting accordingly i.e. the pay less, play more campaign.

i don't see why it's so hard to market a great piece of hardware like the ps3, they should market it as a great gaming machine with a great blu-ray player inside and use the fact that it can play games from the gigantic ps1/ps2 library and if they wanted to take a cheap shot at the competition they could even use their great hardware reliability in their ads.

but even with everything i mention they still won't see a steady increase in sale until they drop the price.

Mario183929d ago

And the 360 is a DVD player

sticky doja3929d ago

Media capabilities is a distant 2nd to games in the 360's eyes, which is the way it should be, for a gaming console.

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