Kane & Lynch: Dead Men: Warehouse and jail break Gameplay

Head for the alleyway, grab a weapon and watch the skies as Kane & Lynch head for freedom.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Being a criminal would be badass? Like Scarface, that's the way to live.

HeartlesskizZ3836d ago

This is cool but i would like to know how online plays out


Man, this game is looking really bad !!! I had high hopes for this game until I saw this... I hope the is 'pre-alpha' or a mistake or something... Looks like PS2 graphics & bad Gears wannabe gameplay. I hope Army of Two doesn't look like this crap.

XENOCIDE3836d ago

The graphics are very underwhelming. But I'd have to disagree with what you said of the gameplay, if anything it reminds me of The Getaway (looks 'bout as "good" as it too). But I loved that series on the PS2, lots of fun shootouts so it's good that this game reminds me of that. N' I can't help but remember Heat whenever I watch a trailer for this game. I just wish they'd do something with those graphics, right now it's a rental for me.

THX71683834d ago

So, any third person shooter with a cover system is automatically a "Gears wannabe?"

There is a game called kill.switch which was released in 2003. They had the cover system way before Gears of War did. I'm also pretty sure that kill.switch got if from some other game.

Gears of War didn't invent the cover system so please don't categorize any TPS with a cover system a "Gears wannabe."