MGO: TGS 07 Squad Tactics Cam Gameplay

Stay close to your teammates or you'll be mowed down in no time

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HeartlesskizZ3778d ago

For some reason im more excited about the online the offline.
maybe because I spend lots of hours in the ps2 mgo. I never play so much since then but thats about to change soon

Satanas3777d ago

MGO does look great, but I don't think anything can defeat Solid's singleplayer. I just want MGS4 now, now, NOW. It's just great that an MGO "Starter Pack" is included. I hope the Starter Pack is pretty good, and that the full version is maybe discounted or something (like Warhawk).

d3l33t3778d ago

this looks good but the people playing always suck major N UTS

fopums3778d ago

I think if we watched too experianced teams go at it the footage would be much more impresive

MarioFromTexas3778d ago

Is it still coming this holiday season?

HeartlesskizZ3778d ago

I dont think so. They said mgo is with mgs4 so both come out same time.
and now Kojima will spend more time then b4 with new rumble.

that is what he wanted from day one

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