Playstation Minis Going For €1.19 For The Month Of February

"Sony Computer Entertainment just sent over word that for the month of February some of the PSN’s most popular Mini titles will be going on sale for the frankly stupid low price of €1.19."

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hatchimatchi2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

that's about 1.60 USD.

I wonder if the NA PSN store will do the same thing.

I have no problem paying upwards of 5 dollars or so for a "Mini" but the majority of the minis aren't worth more than a dollar. I've bought a few and downloaded many others for free via PS+ but I rarely play them. Angry Birds is what the on the app store, 99 cents? It's 4 dollars on the mini store. There's no point in that. If sony wants minis to take off they need to have developers lower the costs or sony needs to lower their royalties.