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Istanbull2789d ago

Won't watch it, won't spoil it.

kancerkid2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

In case the video gets pulled for Youtube, here are some download links:

360p -

480p -

Be warned, sound quality is horrible.


at kancer

i dont get how your comment is different from all the other trolls?

bash cause your scared
bash because your jealous
bash because ms is concentrating on kinect leaving you without core titles like kz3
bash because you havnt got a girl to keep you occupied

LunaticBrandon2789d ago

Pheonix did you think kancerkid was bashing the game because he wasn't. The video was from a cam and god was the audio headache inducing.

darthv722789d ago

didnt spoil anything for me cause it is only 10 minutes. Kancer is right...the audio is poor but the video is decent.

The game will be cool no matter what. I want to see sony remaster the first as that one needs the treatment.

Shackdaddy8362789d ago

@Phoenix-You need to look up the definition of troll buddy.

kancerkid2789d ago

To Everyone: If my links go down and you want to watch the vids, I will send you a private link if you PM me.

Doletskaya2789d ago

lol at LORD-PHOENIX's comment,defensive and paranoid PS3 fanboy at its best

Anyway, the video doesn't spoil anything. And it seems like KZ3 does start right from the end of KZ2.

Darkfocus2789d ago

I think he knows appears to be what he's doing...

ChrisW2789d ago

Wow... if you guys think that LORD-PHOENIX is a troll, you have some extremely low standards!

Kurt Russell2788d ago

We don't think Phoenix is a troll.. just a dumb arse.

LORD-PHOENIX2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

to all of those commenting on my comment kancer kid changed his comment.

little coward dont troll and bash a game youve never played only to. hange your comment coz i called you out on it.

and to.all those who think i would just randomly call someone out because of a youtube comment your idiots just like kancerkid.

deafwing2788d ago

I will not play this video
I will not play this video
OMFG I want to click that play button so bad
but I "vill" not click that link!!!
garrrrrrr .. temptation ...

Crazyglues2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@ Kancerkid

Thanks so much for the links, I hate when I read a story late and the video has been taken down.. so thanks so much for saving it...

here's a bubble for the assist..


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LightofDarkness2789d ago

Yeah, I think I can wait 3 more weeks.

Ducky2789d ago

The force is strong in this one.

Flashwave_UK2789d ago

3 weeks till kz3 wtf really.

trancefreak2789d ago

Just watched the video. Why is it that almost always the crappiest players get copies of the game and cant play worth crap.

Didn't make use of the cover system what so ever just diddle dallying threw the levels.

Reminds me of gt5 where all these noobs always crashed into the walls and couldn't drive worth sheet. I hope these arnt people reviewing the game my god.

Downtown boogey2789d ago

lol @ everyone who thinks something like KZ3 (or Gears 3, for that matter) can essentially be "spoiled" meaning there would be something really surprising/profoundly new in the game.

deafwing2788d ago


Good one more reason for me to not watch it
you have eased my pain and abated my temptations fellow gamer ..


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Motorola2789d ago

Same, not watching. The last time I decided to watch leaked footage of KZ3, it turned out to be the first 30 mins of the LAST mission. I learned my lesson then .__.

spunnups2789d ago

Not worried about this game whatsoever. I know it's going to rock. The cinematic single player trailer released a few weeks back spoke volumes and was all I needed to see. Feb 22nd, hurry the hell up!!!

bluwulf2789d ago

I ruined the last kz2 watching all footage/gifs etc. Haven't seen anything about this game in the past year(s) outside of stills, and 1 video of the jungle.


pain777pas2789d ago

So tempted man. Wow. This is hard.

Downtown boogey2789d ago

How would it change anything if you watched it? HOW??

djreplay2789d ago

It might spoil the story dumb ass.

NoobJobz2788d ago

I'll watch it for you because I don't care about storyline. I just want to shoot somebody. Looks good.

HolyOrangeCows2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

No wonder SCEA had it taken down; the quality of this vid is just awful.

Don't worry about spoilers, guys; there's one cutscene and I couldn't understand what they were saying with the awful audio.

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Cloudberry2789d ago

Anyone who doesn't like spoilers, might start taking precautions, especially on this site.

Just like Heavy Rain spoilers that time.........

Venatus-Deus2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yeah, but the HR spoiler really did ruin the game, just like Alan Wake.

This is a war story on an alien world which will have an open ending to allow for KZ4. I'm not expecting any room for major surprises. A spolier would suck, but isn't a deal breaker.

Yardie2789d ago

I heard KZ3 is the last killzone. they are going onto a new ip.

blumatt2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yeah, I highly doubt that it's gonna be the last. Even if GG makes a new IP, they'll keep making Killzone games. I just hope there's never a Killzone Wars or a Killzone Kart. lol :)

kneon2789d ago


Killzone Dance Party

Dance Helghan Dance!!!

awesomeperson2789d ago

Like the tools who were like:


as their names?

RedDead2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Can anyone tell me how many melee hits it takes to kill someone in multiplayer?

Edit::::Wait so is Melee attack gone? And it's just animation kills? Ah also the regular gun to the face.... Not sure how I feel on it... I like Melee battles in other games including Killzone 2.

a_bro2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

if you get close up to them, one. and it aint pretty ( in an awesome way). you'll get the same eye goutching, gut ripping, neck breaking, ass kicking, kick to the face melee kill just like in the single player.

you also have the regular gun to the face kill.

Christopher2789d ago

Watch this video to see a few multiplayer melee kills. The one that ends the video is pretty sweet.

Kleptic2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

From what I understand there are two types of melee kills in killzone 3's multiplayer...

the standard gun butt hit (that still takes two blows to kill someone)...and some sort of timing based 'brutal melee', which is whats in the single player campaign...It appears to be context sensitive, meaning you have to do something that just the right time (like being behind them, or rushing them, etc.)...but once you get the animation, its a guaranteed kill...

I haven't played the beta, so i won't comment on whether its good or bad...but it definitely looks awesome...I do admit though that its not particularly awesome looking if its done to you...the camera pans out and you don't really see much of what the guy does...but the first person view of you brutal meleeing someone else does look ridiculous...jamming a knife in your enemies eyes and twisting it...would suck...


I dont want to watch but i cant help my self...This game is 8-9 hours long so im sure 10min wont hurt :)

deafwing2788d ago

dont' be fooled!!
click not that play button fair gamer!