Amazon Price Matches - PS3 160GB With $50 Bonus Credit & Free Shipping

Just in time for Killzone 3, the PS3 160GB is currently being offered with a $50 Bonus credit and free shipping.

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NoobJobz2845d ago

Dang it might be time to finally invest in another PS3. I sold my last one but have been wanting one recently.Plus I like the fact that its the newer model. I hated the fingerprint attracting model. Actually kind of funny that PS3 went from shiny to matte and 360 did the opposite. Anyway, I think I'm taking the plunge.

pangitkqb2845d ago

Nice! Just showed this to my co-worker and he is getting it.

seinfan2845d ago

The 4GB Xbox has a matte finish.

divideby02845d ago

I just have to lol when I hear about finger prints on a device like the PS3.
what are some gamers doing with it to get finger prints on it ?

Off/on with controller.. dont have to hold it to insert a disk, maybe have to hold it for a flash drive

ActionBastard2845d ago

Done. I'll get my tax money 2nd week of Feb. The wife will just have to be pissed until then.

NateCole2845d ago

Its times like these i kinda regret being an early adopter. However the memories and the countless hours of fun on Resistance 1 co-op really made everything worth it.

pangitkqb2845d ago

I don't regret being an early adopter. My 60 Gig original, now upgraded to 320 gig, is running beautifully and I love the full backwards compatibility.