Dead Space 2 Complete Online Strategy Guide Is Now Live

Everyones favorite horror game just released a few days ago and our Free Dead Space 2 Guide is already full of a ton of content including Power Node and Weapon Schematic locations, campaign walkthroughs, multiplayer tips for all classes, and much more. Compiled by an expert team of gaming video creators, this Dead Space 2 Strategy Guide features the best commentaries and editing qualities found on the Internet.

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xxxAnubisxxx2871d ago

The multiplayer videos were the best of it all... Good stuff

lostinplace2871d ago

Not bad. You guys are featuring the best campaign walkthrough I have seen yet IMO.

yarbie10002871d ago

Bookmark for future reference - Lots of great tips and info about Dead Space 2

TheBand1t2871d ago

It's not going to have any sort of longetivity, but it's a nice little extra. Fun to play in short bursts.

tigertron2871d ago

Its pretty good, but the novelty of being a Necromorph does wear thin after racking up a massive negative KDR, at least in my case. Playing as a human is a different story, because you can just shoot the crap out of Necromorphs.