Killzone 3 may be Move's killer app, makes case for exclusivity

Ars Technica: "The Move support for Killzone 3 shows how motion control can improve a big-name first-person shooter, making a powerful argument for console exclusives."

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Venatus-Deus2876d ago

This was posted weeks ago via another site.

ComboBreaker2876d ago

"The use of the Move in this game is far beyond what the majority of developers are doing in a mainstream game, and none of this would be possible with the Kinect.

Killzone 3 on the PS3 looks amazing, and... neither the graphics nor the wonderful Move support would have been possible on a multiplatform release."

nycredude2876d ago

without looking at this link let me guess this is from IWAGGLE3D?

slutface2876d ago

this is the game u bought the move for!

AK462876d ago

I like the maneuverability you have while sliding, looks totally awesome.

Christopher2876d ago

Eh, the article is just a rant about exclusives. The iWaggle3D movie was posted here a few weeks ago and they do an excellent job on providing relevant news to the community. So, if you haven't seen it yet, read this article just for the movie, which is an in depth analysis of Move with KZ3.

Daz2876d ago

Move is not my thing but looks like they added to the game well.

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The story is too old to be commented.