TGS '07: Hands-on: Patapon

One of the more curious games shown at Sony's E3 press conference, the PlayStation portable title Patapon represents everything that Sony seems to have that its competitors do not. With a Loco Roco-esque visual style, and quirky appeal that's difinitive of so many of Sony's original IPs, Patapon is a title that should catch the eyes of gamers interested in highly stylized, and unique experiences.

But just what in the hell is "patapon"? Will those weird spear wielding, shadow dudes escape the deadly wrath of the big, bad shadowy crab of doom? And why did this chick at the Patapon booth keep trying to explain the game's controls to Destructoid in Japanese when they were clearly ignorant to her native tongue?

The answers (sort of) to all of these questions and more, after the jump.

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