Advantages and disadvantages of retail games disappearance - Globe of Gamers

"Once retail games will dissapear, the term of games collector will change its meaning. From what I have seen, people tend to like more the collections of “tangible”/ visible games. While digital distribution would extinguish the pleasure of many, replacing the multitude of shelved loaded with tons of console/ PC games. Personally, I don’t see the pleasure of staring at a list – which, theoretically, in real-life does not exist.

Now let’s analyze this problem otherwise: How much hardware technology would you have to buy ? Here I refer to the HDD, which will not allow digital collectors to stock all they want on the console/ PC, considering that a PS3/ Xbox 360 game has more then 10 GB. Let’s do some simple math, for someone with 100 games on Blu-Ray discs what would be the proper solution ? Maybe buy HDD who can store 10 TB, because I don’t think a real collector would delete his old games to make room for new ones."

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