A PlayStation 3 In Your Pocket, And Maybe A Game Store Too

Sony's Next Generation Portable sounds like a portable gaming machine powerful enough to replace the Playstation 3 home console, but it's actually meant to augment the experience, Sony Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says.

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deadreckoning6662878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

"A PlayStation 3 In Your Pocket, And Maybe A Game Store Too"

Thats kinda of the problem. How many people who already have a PS3 will spend another $300 to carry around a bulky device that does practically the same thing as their home console...minus the Blu-Ray?

Also, the PSP2 is being marketed towards the more "sophisticated" gamer. If your a "hardcore" gamer, chances are you already have a PS3.

Not saying the NGP isn't an awesome device. Its actually the most impressive console I've ever seen given what it can do for its size...I just don't see a large audience for it given that hardcore gamers represent the minority these days.

remanutd552878d ago

well im 1 of them , chances are you can start playing a ps3 game at home then continue the experience on the go then back at home that right there is superb news for me , i would love sony to bundle both games ( meaning when you buy a ps3 game you can get the same NGP at a very affordable price lets say $80 for both games or they could sell them separate for the people that doesnt want both games ) , with the NGP im about to get the portable experience i have always wanted , the system will get besides new ways to play games ( Little Deviants being a perfect example of that , Uncharted and its different ways to be played another example ) trophies , friends , near , livearea and more so yea its a no brainer for me

i have always wanted 2 analog sticks = im about to get it
psn friends = about to get it
trophies = about to get it
psn integration = about to get it
unique ways to play games = about to get it
NGP is what most of us , psp gamers have been wanting for long time , its has all the features that we always requested and even more , new games / franchises and new unique ways to play games come on , its not only a ps3 in your pocket , i think it will be a TRUE playstation experience on our pockets !!!! finally !!!!

SasanovaS19872878d ago

wow what a dumb first comment. it amazes me how stupid some people are. that is mainly what handheld gaming was all about. replicating the console experience, and now we have it. just because it can port ps3 games doesnt mean it wont get custom games taking advantages of the touch screens. its unique and will be worth my money

Active Reload2878d ago

I hope they fix the Lost Planet game before launch. I'm not hearing good news on the graphical side.

remanutd552878d ago

LMAO plenty of time for them to do that , the fact that the game was running real time on a handheld portable device is amazing for handheld gaming lol

just_looken2878d ago

agree lp1 was a crap ps3 port lp2 was decent

Horny Melon2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

this thing will do as well as the PSPGo. It misses the mark in many things..........built in speakers, rear touch panel, lack of blutooth, no TV connectivity, proprietary "media card" show they missed the mark with integration with current hardware, compatibility and forgot player desires with the last generation.

The price tag puts it in smartphone territory, but being that it includes no phone capability it goes from a no brainer buy to a choice buy. Adults will have to decide if they will use the PSP2 enough to warrant paying the price tag and the data plan, or if the games on their smartphone will suffice. For me the answer is yes they will, but more importantly I don't want another bulky electronic in my pocket that will go unused more than it will be used.

Parents will have to decide, or give their kids the choice, if they want a PSP2 or a smartphone. I doubt many parents will get their teen/tween $600 plus in hardware and two separate wireless plans....nearly every teenager will choose the phone, hands down.

It's frustrating that Sony comes so close to making excellent products but one or two things take it way off mark......kinda like anime.

ugo2878d ago

keep ur opinion to ur self and don't buy it if u hate it, at least sony isn't forcing u

Apocalypse Shadow2878d ago

as if dead was going to buy anything from sony anyway.

chances are,you may have bought the psp for games,pictures,movies and may want the sequel to that device since you loved the first see that the next portable [email protected] near produces ps3 quality on the go when no other device seems able to do so now or in the future...hmmmmmmm.....should i buy?.....duh!!!

everyone that is picking on NGP for being able to produce such lush graphics forget that it won't just host games that only look like uncharted.think about it....

the best of the best ipod,iphone and ds type games can now be brought over to NGP.even with new gameplay scenarios.while games using the regular control setup and the cameras can be made.there's just too many possibilities....

it's like he's saying the 65-70 million psp owners may not want sony's next portable this time.or that the japanese wouldn't want 3G or monster hunter on the go with awesome graphics...

get real....NGP is meant to be an extension to ps3 just like psp.just BETTER at doing it.....

Horny Melon2878d ago

They said the same thing with the PSP "Graphics are nearly as good as PS2". It looked super sexy on paper and in blown up screenshots, but you know what? It didn't matter. The screen was so small you couldn't tell the graphics looked amazing. Here, do an experiment for me please. Play crisis in windows mode and shrink it down to a 5" widescreen (5" by 2.75"). Tell me what you think.

Apocalypse Shadow2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

i don't think the 65-70 million cared that it wasn't 1:1 exact graphics on the go.

the fact that it's an alternative to nintendo's slow approach to moving portable gaming forward on the go is a plus.while everyone was offering color,they offered black and white.while everyone was offering more features,nintendo shunned it in favor basic gaming.

it works for nintendo's "disneyland approach" of new gamers always growing into playing games.but there are others like me who are beyond just playing mario and pokemon games.gamers like me need more mature content with full course dinners.instead of "happy meals."

nycredude2878d ago

Horny Melon

I think you have it backwards. It's because the screen is small that enables it to look as good at a lower resolution than on a big screen. that is why they say like Ps3 graphics, not is Ps3 graphics.

Do a test if you don't believe me. Crysis looks great on a 20 to 30 inch monitor. Play it on a 60 inch tv and tell me if it still looks as great. I have it maxed out on pc and when I play it on my big screen it is looks just like the better console games available.

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TardcoreGamer2878d ago

Finally a portable for the hardcores.

just_looken2878d ago

psp 2000 remember that? this is sony's 2nd grade a portable playstation

TardcoreGamer2878d ago

I never bought one man..

It didn't impress me like this NGP does.. It didn't have dual sticks and trophy support or the power that NGP does. or 3G. the list goes on...

just_looken2878d ago

ahh psp1 was 2004 tech and was a portable ps2 at its launch it was the ngp.

neogeo2878d ago

I'm getting it simply for the fact that it has 4 cores. I love power in my pants.

mushroomwig2878d ago

Overcompensating for something?

sashimi2878d ago

Imma get it, because its just that awesome and i haven't bought a handheld since the psp-1001 5 years ago? Change!!!!

dredgewalker2878d ago

It's been a while since I was this excited for a new gaming gadget. Sure it's gonna have PS3 ports but it's also gonna have new games made just for the NGP. Only a retard would think that Sony would just throw ports at their new portable. There was a time when having a portable as powerful as a console was only a dream, now that it has come true people are still complaining!?!

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