FTG Gameguide: Dead Space 2 “Mission Impossible” Zealot Guide

"It is possible. I was under the impression that my Halo: Reach Legendary playthrough was difficult, but I’ve never sworn more at a television than after going ten perfect minutes in a Dead Space 2 Zealot difficulty “kill room” and getting wasted by the last crawling and bleeding necromorph."- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck2876d ago

Wow Six you have more balls then I do to try this.

gravemaker2876d ago

got 1000/1000 in this game. Hardcore is awfully hard.

maxcavsm2876d ago

Woof...made it through Chapter 2 and got one-hit killed. Lost and hour and said "that's enough of that!" Nice work Grave.

Also, good write up!

AmigoSniped2876d ago

I am interested in trying but that sounds horrible.