Crysis 2: Demo-Airwalk-Bug - No chance for Fair-Play

There's a huge bug in the recently released Xbox 360 demo for Crysis 2. It's called Airwalk-Bug and leaves fair players no chance. Video through the link.

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cyborg2873d ago

a bug in a beta version? OMG OMG, that's news!

iamgoatman2873d ago

And unlike COD it will probably get fixed before release! Well actually in CODs case, a year after release as well.

But seriously, do some people not know what a beta actually is? God damn people can be dense.

--------2872d ago

You are correct sir! (In Zach Braff's voice)

KillerBBs2871d ago

This demo saved me 60 bucks

nophretete2873d ago

Demo is no Beta Version!

Shackdaddy8362873d ago

Its a beta. Crytec said so....

DaCajun2872d ago

Who's Crytec? Anyway. Crytek says so? So tell me again why does it say DEMO when I go to it's official homepage?


As much as i luv this game and i will buy it when it comes out..But lets b honest here, we going into FEBRUARY 2morrow and u know what that means..Killzone 3 is now in full motion.. I dont want to look at any other FPS this month if is not killzone 3. :D

Sorry for being off topic, is just that with all the recent killzone vs crysis topics i just could not help my self.God bless my fellow FPS gamers :)

iamgoatman2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Congratulations! You win a prize for the first person to mention KZ in a Crysis article! I'm surprised it took you this long! What were you playing at!


Yeah, calling out someone who is off topic must mean I'm SO ANGRY! /s

u dumb

BabyTownFrolics2873d ago

lets see a little under 50 million ps3's have been sold, a little under 3 million copies of KZ2 have been sold, a little over 8 million copies of black ops have been sold on the PS3.

That means that 5 million ps3 owners who enjoy FPS did not buy KZ2, that means there are 5 million ps3 owners who may be interested in a non KZ fps. I'm sure Crytek crunched those numbers as well. So the market share is there, it will just take a great game to take, it is yet to be seen if crysis 2 is that game.

BLACKBOIJONES2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

U make a good point but i have to disagree with the numbers.... Im sure killzone 2 is in the 3-4million range not under 3million. But u can prove me wrong if u show me a link on fact based on sales which is not VGC CHARTS (WE ALL KNOW VGC NUMBERS IS WRONG) Or can be edited by any body).

Kon2873d ago

Demo does not represent the quality of the final product

ActionBastard2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

It releases in March. Yeah, the demo does pretty much represent the quality of the final product.

EDIT: That's nowhere near PLENTY of time to fix it. They aren't testing gameplay, they are testing load. Betas have various reasons, none of which are solely isolated to gameplay tweaks. That's what patches after release are for. That 2 months will be spent on QA, not code.

iamgoatman2873d ago

Eh? The game doesn't release until the end of March, that's just under 2 months away, they have PLENTY of time to fix issues. You know that's the whole point of releasing a beta before launch?

KingDustero2872d ago


The devs only have about three weeks before the game is done. So no, there isn't enough time to fix any major bugs. All that SHOULD be left to do is polish the game up and make it run smoothly. However it is pretty obvious Crytek isn't where they should be at this late in development.

Ve3tro2873d ago

It's a beta for crying the fuck out loud.

Crytek has even stated that its a beta and with it ending this Friday.

dragonyght2873d ago

crysis already gone through a close beta around oct last year
this is a demo

sp1deynut2873d ago

...that was an invite-only early beta, and this is a public beta, but a beta nonetheless. If you insist on calling it a demo, maybe you should try downloading and playing it in about a week....let me know how that works out for you.


SJPFTW2873d ago

your an idiot most games have a closed beta stage then transitions to an open beta.

Tony-Red-Grave2872d ago

that wasn't a beta the game was still much earlier in it's dev stages

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